The Lemurian Connection – Story

I have been contacted by different people, groups and collectives throughout my life. Some of them are human, some are not. One thing to remember is that we all have a right to CHOOSE the nature of communication we have with others. Whether others are other humans, organizations, or other species. We choose whether to engage with the other person or species or not, and how we engage. I choose to engage with all beings at the essence of our human basic building block, the level of joy/light/love. If others don’t like it, then they can move their engagement and communication elsewhere.

This article is aimed at showing a time line of the contact and information I have had with one particular species, the Lemurians.  Whether we believe that the Lemurians exist or not, an exercise of looking at their culturally allocated existence in our subconscious mind, will be of benefit to our own personal evolution. So I invite you to look with me. I am only 99% certain they exist, because I have not experienced them at a physical level.  Yet, they appear to be very, very real in every other sentient sense. No one has ownership of Lemurian “real” information. This has to come from YOU. If you are interested, it is you who needs to engage at a personal level, not through someone else.

I have chosen to share this with you now, because it is an evolving process, a growing awareness and connection that is happening at a global scale. The reason, from what I can gather, is that we (the human species) were, and will be, Lemurians to a large degree.  They are not Gods, or saviors, they don’t consider themselves above us, below us, or better or worse than us. They are here, and always have been here, and are our brothers and sisters. They want to collaborate.  Why? Because we are Gaia, and they are Gaia. Because we are of the same essence, and live as the same planet.

There is a lot of mystery, mysticism, legends, and data regarding the Lemurians on the internet today. Most of this has been colored and interpreted by the person receiving the communication, having the personal contact, or the culture coloring what and who the Lemurian’s are through religious or social beliefs. It is important to realize that my own experience, delineated below, will also contain my personal filters and “stuff”, and as it is a developing communication, it is lacking in many areas.


The first time I heard about the Lemurians was on a trip to Shasta with my husband and new born baby in 2006. I woke up at silly O’Clock in the morning and demanded to be taken to the nearest mountain because “I needed to breathe”. My husband at the time having gotten used to odd requests from a pregnant lady, and now by a tired, nursing mom, got up, packed the car and drove me there. We drove up the mountain for a while, parked, and I announced all was well and we could go home.

He told me that it was a long drive, about 4 hours, and that since we were there, we would stay for the day and one night. We drove to Shasta town and went to a hotel on main street. A woman spotted me inside the hotel through the window and came in to talk to me. She was super happy and was acting strange. I didn’t know what to think. She told me that the Lemurians had given her a crystal to give to someone in the future and that she would know this person when she met him or her. She then told me it was me, and handed me a small crystal. I took, it, thanked her (all the time thinking she was a crazy person) and she left.

I walked up to the counter where my husband was checking us in, and asked the lady there if she knew what a Lemurian was. She smiled and pointed at some leaflets. I picke done up and learned all about Lemurians, their portals in Shasta and more. Once home, I did more research, but I didn’t know what to think.

In 2011, between March and August, I had the first conscious “contact” that was telepathic in nature. The name Lemuria (or people of Mu?) came in (I feel the name Lemurian is not quite accurate?). I did a small amount of research and found lots of things about them that did not resonate on the internet. But there was an energetic “line” that was consistent. Something that said, “group of higher vibration, more aware, more able, clean living, equal society, no dark/light duality”.

That telepathic contact I received was in 2011 was that they wanted to share something.  When I went into it, I felt a great sadness at a split on the plane that had happened many thousand years ago.  The sadness and pain and having to “allow it to happen” due to free will of those who wanted to stay in a dark/light duality, was overwhelming.

Families were split, many chose do die and be reborn in the lower vibrational Earth so that they could carry the energy and light forth through the ages, as human beings. Others simply wanted to experience dark/light. The separation of the “collective mind/soul/spirit” was extremely painful.

At the time of the telepathic contact, the early part of 2011, I did not understand why they were showing me this. It seemed irrelevant.

In August 2011, I was basically taken out of the matrix and while I was away, a split happened in the human collective between those who wanted to stay asleep and those who want a more empowered and awakened reality.  You can read more about it in the article “Spaceship Eart and You are the Captain”. When I returned into the matrix, I felt the pain of the split, it was many times worse than what had been shown to me by the Lemurians.  The intensity was because I experience life, for all purposes, as the human collective. So, when this collective split into two, it felt like my “body” had been ripped apart into two pieces. It took me a few weeks to recover.  And I understood that their sharing was to prepare me for what was about to happen.

The Lemurans continued to contact me telepathically, the wanted to meet, they wanted to collaborate. But I could not understand exactly why, how, or what they wanted. I knew that they could materialize if they so chose, and suggested they manifest at my front door and come in for a cup of tea.  They did not, and I think it might be because they are being monitored by the human military. But I could be wrong.  It also could be a tool of empowerment. If we are able to go to them, then we have broken through any filters that were placed in our awareness and capacities in order for us to have a limited physical experience.  Almost like “we are here, and it is you who choose not to see us, so choose to see us”, type thing.

Soon after that, a person who had been a total stranger came up to me and gave me a “lemurian crystal” she had been carrying for reasons she did not know. She’d had it for many years and that day placed it in her purse, and when we met, she knew the crystal was meant for me. This was very similar to the experience I had had in 2006.

As I was not able to get much information from the Lemurians directly, and could not understand how to meet them in the physical plane, I put them out of my mind.

A while after that, another random person gave me a Lemurian crystal that they had been carrying for years.  These crystals were given by people to whom I had not mentioned Lemuria before our meeting.

I could feel the Lemurians trying to communicate several times, but I was unable to get clarification on their purpose or agenda, or plan, or form of collaboration.

On a trip to Mount Shasta, I scanned for their vibrational signature (they are very distinct), and was not able to detect it.

On a trip to Oregon, a friend of mine “coincidentally” had an old friend of hers staying at her place and she told me that this friend had an experience which I had to hear.

Her friend went on to tell me all about a first hand encounter with Lemurians in Mount Shasta a couple of decades earlier or so. She was totally genuine. She had met them physically, at Mt Shasta, had been in their land, come out, and not been able to find the entrance again. It was years before she learned that they were known in the area, and what people called them.

I will often feel the Lemurians in my field of attention, they have a very distinct energy signature, but I have not been able to connect with them fully or physically.

On the 13th of October 2012, I was in Barcelona Spain, giving a public talk to several hundred individuals.

After the day talk, I met and greeted everyone who wanted to hug.  Among these individuals was a woman who told me she was a dimensional caretaker of Montserrat, a mountain nearby. I cannot recall if she mentioned Lemurians or whether she called them by another name, or at all. I told her that I would meet her there the next day as I was going to go visit the place before my flight back.

My trip to the mountain did not happen the next day, I had gotten confused and it was actually scheduled for the day after, the 15th.  So the chances of meeting her were minimal.

As soon as I arrived, I felt the distinct energy signature of Lemurians.  My daugher was cold, so we went into a cafe to get some hot drinks, and this caretaker was “coincidentally” standing inside the cafe.

I grabbed her by the arm, and the entire group climbed the mountain to do a connection exercise with the Lemurians.  It was very energetically clear, but not much information came through apart from validating the caretakers position and gratitude for her life’s work.

We rushed to the airport.

In 2012 I was at an event in Southern California, and just before arriving, I kept trying to remember the name “Lemurians“, as I felt they needed to be mentioned.

There was a gifted channeler there, Nora Herold, and she channeled them for a few minutes.

As I sat there, I felt the room for their presence, and it was very strong. It felt “home” like, warm, familiar, caring and loving. They also had some urgency in our collaboration, conversation, communication.

Again, I felt that we needed to make physical contact somehow, but did not know how.

After that event I decided to sit down and do some research. I had an online meeting with a collaborator who is highly intuitive and as we started talking about Lemurians. After our meeting was over, I opened my email box, and saw that there were several emails from a couple who have written a book, in which they mention me in several places. The book has no relation to Lemurians, but as I had not heard from this couple for a long time, and the emails had come in at the same time as I had been talking about the Lemurians to my friend and collaborator, I decided to go out on a limb and ask them if they knew anything about Lemurians. As it happens, both of them have an amazing connection to the Lemurians. A connection that is quite unique on the planet.  They have since sent me various articles, and resources, and have also sent me a book, with a huge amount of information.

Some of the information gave me further clues on the Lemurian timeline in my life, which is not so new apparently.

  • When I was a teenager, I was guided to search for and study Saint Germain, I was not able to find anything of significance and dropped it.  But he did come up again and again throughout my life. There appears to be a big connection, and mention, between Saint Germain and Lermurians.
  • In my twenties, I was guided to learn about Madame Blavatsky, again, I looked into her, and loved her energy, but did not see the connection.  In my 30s she popped up again, but I did not see what it was that I was meant to get from her body of work.  She covers Lemuria quite extensively apparently.
  • I was also guided to look into the work of Edgar Cayce, but again, nothing “relevant” was found. Again, he mentions them in a couple of recorded readings for people.

The common thread on all these individuals are their mention of Lemuria. And the thread was seen for the first time when reading through the material I received that month.

The connection is something actively worked on at the time.  It almost felt like they were reeling us, the human collective, in. Pulling us “back” to them.  But not in a patriarchal, savior way. Instead in a way in which a friend smiles enthusiastically and waves hello from across the street.

There was a sense of urgency on their wanting to communicate, and there was a resistance in my part. The nature of the energy that I was resisting, was the “belonging”, or “ownership” to any particular species, race or collective being on, or off planet.  It is important not to “align” myself to any one group or species, because if that was to happen, then “otherness” gets activated.  Yet, when I processed this resistance (which is ultimately “fear”), I dropped into BEING a larger collective than just the Human collective.

And I can’t help thinking to myself. Perhaps it is part of our expansion of awareness, when we become more than just Human beings.

After that, I spent time every day, more than once, simply sitting in a location and daydreaming of sitting with and being in that free connection and communication space. For two days it rained there a lot. In the daydream. So, I sat in the rain. The area was green, beautiful, dark clouds and rain covering everything. It was warm and pleasant. When the rain subsided for a little while, I saw the shiny droplets hanging on the petals and leaves around me.  I simply sat there. I will keep you posted as to what happens next.

Social Media is trying to shadowban us, but thanks to your help we are reaching everyone who needs it. Please share it on all the platforms you are on and continue to get this information out there.

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