The Lemurian Portal in Shasta is Open Again

For the very first time in my life, I perceived that the portals at Shasta were open and that the Lemurians presence there was strong. I gasped and it took me a few minutes to relay the information to Larry as the strong Lemurian energy in the mountain rendered me speechless.

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I cannot fully express the difference in the mountain between all the previous times we visited it or drove past it, and that of our last trip past it in June 2024. It is huge.

When we were in Montserrat, in Spain, in 2014, we visited the portals to Lemuria there, and even managed to go through one of them. We spent time with the Lemurians at a physical level, then returned. When we arrived at Montserrat the portals were palatable, findable, and the Lemurians were present both at a telepathic level and physical level.

The group I was with, including Larry, had their memories wiped clean. The only evidence for the visit were unexplainable missing time, extreme hunger and a feeling of wellness.

With Shasta, however, it was never like that. All I found there were people who would talk about Lemurians, their visits to that place, or carried Lemurian crystals and would give them to me. 

The only time anything odd happened near the mountain was in 2015-16 when I was driving past and a loud sound made it into my car as I drove past it. I stopped the car by a small diner and got out. The sound was even louder and it reminded me of the song of whales. I went into the diner and asked the owner what the sound was. I imagined that perhaps it was a machine, or some other explainable thing.

“What sound?” She asked. I tried to describe the sound to her. She came out of the diner with me and listened carefully. “I don’t know what that is. I have never heard anything like it before,” she said. 

We joked about it being aliens or lemurians, then she went back inside and I got back into my car and carried on driving. I was able to hear the sound for several miles before it was gone.

Let’s get back to June 2024. 

“What do we do?” I asked through the strong connection to the Lemurians “in” the mountain. “Don’t stop, you won’t find the portal this time,” was the answer. “It’s not for you / it’s not ready.” The last bit of information I was not able to fully translate. Was it not for me and Larry that the portals opened? Was it the wrong time? Were they not ready for full contact? 

We were in a hurry as we had a wedding to get to. And maybe that was it. I asked whether on the way back we may visit. And I got the same feeling of, “not yet”. 

Now, I say “in” the mountain, but the Lemurians are not physically inside the mountain. There are portals on and around the mountain but they don’t lead inside the mass of rock which we know as Mount Shasta.

Larry drove us into the town of Shasta and we slowly made our way through it on our way south.

The town felt extremely different to how it used to be, to me. It felt “scruffy”, “spent” and “tired”. I could see that at a physical level, the town was none of those things. It’s a nice town. I closed my eyes and felt beyond it. I was able to see that what I was seeing was the contrast between a Lemurian society and our society. It didn’t have much to do with the town at all.

For me, it was evidence that my first seeing of the portals being open, were correct. The energetic contrast was now palpable. 

We had to continue on our way south, so we didn’t stop.

The next few days were a flurry of activity around the wedding, so we didn’t pay much attention to the experience, or seeing, until we were on our way back and saw the mountain again.

On our way back we were not in a time crunch and we could have stopped if we wanted to. I excitedly felt into the Lemurian energy at the mountain again, wondering if it was now ready to have a visit from us. “No.” came the answer. 

We were definitely disappointed, but didn’t push it. We drove past it and didn’t look back. 

“What does it mean? How come they are open again?” I wondered. I knew they had been open in the past because I had met people who told me of their trips there and back again. And I knew it had been closed from at least 2006 until now. So, what was the deal?

“Maybe it means the split is complete and all we see now are shadows of the old-paradigm,” I suggested to Larry.

I remembered that in the past, when I asked them why they wouldn’t just come over to my place for a cup of tea, or show me where the portals were at Shasta so I could visit with them, they expressed the information that I interpreted as their portals in the USA being under siege. 

Are they no longer under siege? It appears they are not. What has changed? 

I don’t have the answers, but I have suggestions. The answers, I hope, come with further discussion and looking at this phenomenon together. 

Our first discussion will be at our Driving To The Rez Podcast, and on the second hour of the podcast we will deepdive, uncensored, with our panelists. 

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