The More of Us Who Remember: Powerful Sigil for YOU

Some years ago, I developed a sigil that will help all the awakened lightworkers lift the veil of forgetfulness to the level their higher self has chosen.

The more of us who lift the veil, the higher that chosen level will get.

You can download the sigil here, and print it out to put around your house, and also in print on demand shirts, art and jewelry with my permission. 

Put it on your website for full connective empowerment, and enjoy the great conversations this sigil will generate in your followers, friends and relatives.

Link to the Sigil

Share the Sigil with others and get them excited about lifting the veil of forgetfulness from their lives!

The more of us who have the intent to lift this veil, the more of the veil we can lift. Why? Because we are in a co-created reality 🙂


Inelia Benz

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P.S. I will be releasing the sigils I use for Money, Love and Health exclusively on my Newsletter very soon! Stay tuned.

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