The Nature of DARKNESS in Duality- updated

We updated this article on the 13th of September, 2023.

Thus most lightworkers began feeling that this has been going on way too long, that they are tired and homesick.  A feeling of anger at the length of time this has been going on, has also been expressed. And pure battle-weariness.

When a Dark being attacks someone, or some place, my first feeling is to annihilate it.  To destroy it. But I am stopped by my “higher self”.  Instead, I am instructed to focus on it, as when I focus on it, it can be Resolved back into Oneness.

This method of integration is often interpreted by lightworkers as the Dark being having been taken back to the light.  But it is not so.

And this is a key clue. There is a Oneness of a balanced and correctly aligned Dual reality, where both polarities are correctly configured and attached to each other, like two magnets, making a large, unified and stable field. And then there is Oneness which is the Source of all realities and all universes. These are two different things.

It is the latter where Darkness goes once it is removed from our lives by force.  Back to the source of all realities and universes, which many call Oneness.  

In order to further understand what was going on, I was sent the instructions to study “the return of Horus”. When I say I was sent these instructions I mean that I literally saw the words written in my inner vision.

I diligently searched the internet for the following words: “the return of Horus”.  One of the pages that came up was “THE RETURN OF LIGHT, Revelations from The Creator God Horus, With Elora Gabriel and Karen Kirschbaum”. It is a channeled work (albeit not all correct – and allegedly fictional) which basically describes the shifting into misaligned duality through the viewpoint of Lightworkers.  If you are not familiar with this work, I strongly suggest you read it. However, please keep in mind that it is from ONE viewpoint only, that of Light and also one individual.  Also, keep in mind that this work talks about many universes, when my experience has been that this shift concerns two universes only.

In this work, it shows what happened at a universal level, but it also shows how Darkness is being “destroyed” and a battle is raging throughout this universe and many more.  A light-being, will certainly perceive what is happening to dark-beings as “being destroyed”. Certainly, those dark-beings who are in this universe and resist going back to are being sent back into Oneness, or their Source, but they are not being destroyed.  Once in Oneness or their Source, they cease to be an individual and also cease to have a “side”, whether Dark or Light as there are no sides either in Oneness or in a Dark Source.  This Darkness we are here dealing with includes all negative energy structures, including our negative emotions, feelings, thoughts and situations, but at this personal level, it is US who have to do the resolving of these energies. However, the book does have value if read as a novel.  The parts that resonate will be the ones to take notice of.

Back to topic: one of the mistakes which has been done over and over throughout thousands of years, has been that lightworkers have tried to “fight” the Dark. As soon as the attempt to fight and destroy the Dark is made, the lightworker automatically becomes a pawn in the game of Dark.

But before the “fight” began, whole armies of lightworkers were sent to this Universe in order to “fix” and “save” those Dark beings, as well as fallen beings, and bring the Universe back to a balanced Duality of Light. However, this was a complete disaster. Not only did they not succeed, but a huge number of lightworkers were lost, and those that survived were contaminated.

By contamination, I mean they started experiencing suffering, negativity, oppression and separation from Source.

You might wonder why, knowing they would be contaminated, the waves kept coming. The reason is simple. These beings knew that for as long as they could hold the light in this sector, within their being, the sectors would not be lost completely. It was a matter of holding the light for as long as possible, giving the rest of the universe time to find out how to retake the contaminated areas.

A first wave of Light-Warriors was sent, but unfortunately, this wave did not succeed. The reason was that they were made of the same stuff as this Universe, and therefore had the same experience as the lightworkers.

That is when an army of beings was recruited which could come into this Universe and put things back into their right configuration.  These beings could not be corrupted because they were not dual in nature, and were not made from the same stuff as the Dark and Light universes.

In the book I mentioned earlier, this step was not mentioned. This is because, to Light Beings, the army that was recruited would have looked like Light to those sensitive enough to see them, but in most cases would not have been seen at all.

This “army” is made up of a type of being which is designed to simply put things back to their rightful place.  They are not Light or Dark, in fact, their Universe is not Dual in nature at all. There is no “otherness” there. However, in order to enter a Light Duality, or a Dark Duality, this being creates artificial duality configured “soul beings” which then enter the dual reality and go to work.

These non-dual beings are often perceived by people as Pure Light, or Pure Darkness, depending on what end of the spectrum the dual based person is at.  This then creates a sense of pure unconditional love, or absolute fear, on the person who sees them.

The non-dual being has no real experience of what is Light and what is Dark, but sees both as existing.  Due to the work the non-dual being has been given in this Universe, their focus is to support the light-being and send the dark-being into Dark Source or Oneness.   They do this without judgment. However, it is important to remember that these beings will do the opposite in Dark Universes which have been invaded by Light.

The Fall, the moment in which the misalignment of polarities happened, is recorded in many cultures as the moment in which a person, usually a woman, opened a can of worms. Our culture’s examples are Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge and Pandora opened the box. Previous to this, there are stories of the Devil, having been an angel, getting jealous, fighting God, and falling to Earth.

As I was growing up, I had a recurring dream. In this dream there were two universes, one Light and one Dark. In the Light universe, everything was beautiful, happy and harmonious. On the Dark universe there was great suffering, slavery, pollution and more.

The “Creator” decided that these two universes could learn from one another.  That, somehow, if they joined, their evolution would be tremendous. Or something in those lines, in my dream I simply felt it was a “good idea”.

There was no way to join these two universes because, due to their absolute nature, they could not see each other.

The “Creator” decided to make a being which was both Light and Dark. This being was a construct that had one purpose only, that of entering each universe and “infecting it” with the opposite “color”.

The being entered the Light Universe first. It was welcomed there with trust and love. But every one he/she touched, then became sick. Sickness was unknown and the beings began to die, suffer and question their existence. After a few thousand planets were infected, the being went to the Dark Universe. However, as now there was darkness in the Light universe, it had become visible to the Dark universe and Dark beings were already preparing an assault on the Light universe.

The being of “Light and Dark” entered the Dark universe and was met with distrust and quickly enslaved. However, everyone who came into contact with the being was infected with Light.  These beings began to suffer from compassion, love and other unspeakable things. Soon, the being was helped to escape.

The beings in the Dark universe that were infected with Light, also had a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Light universe.

Meanwhile, in the Light universe, an attempt was made to “help” and “fix” those beings who now possessed Darkness.  Planets throughout the Light universe began to help, but were instead infected. It was realized that these “infected” planets had to be quarantined and beings within them started experiencing the first sense of “disconnection” from source. Unlike the book “The Return of Light”, which states that it was the Dark beings who created a wall; in my dream it was the Light which made the barrier around the infected planets.

The Dark universe rulers, eager to expand their territory, began a complete assault on the Light Universe.  Because the Light Universe had separated the infected galaxies off from the rest, the forces of Darkness were only able to have access to infected planets in those sectors, and not the rest of that Light universe.

This is where my childhood dream ends.

As an adult, I had another dream. In this dream I was a being so large and powerful that I could travel through Universes, and my interest was the exploration of those Universes.  As I traveled through a beautiful Light universe, which is like swimming through a symphony of song and color, suddenly there is a big cry, like trillions of souls crying at the same time, then, as my attention tries to locate those cries… silence.

There was a section of the universe which was completely and utterly silent.  This silence was so intense it was like a dull ache in the fabric of reality.

Myself, and many other beings, curious as to what had happened, travel to that place. We see, behind a wall, whirls of pain, suffering and destruction.

We watch, unable to do anything, unable to understand what is happening.

More beings gather, and there is a call for help.  Many volunteer, and the work to first understand, and then reclaim that sector begins.

If the information I have since gathered is correct, then it appears that this planet, Earth, belongs to a Light universe.

It explains many things.

The “battle” is ongoing and, at least for this planet, has already been won by Light. There really is no other result possible.  The planet is now pure Light.

There have been many waves of beings entering this planet both before, and after, the completion of the quarantine wall. The first wave to enter after the wall was in place, were the “balance makers”, the beings that put things in the right place.  They also opened many channels for information and light to come in. The second wave came in to simply channel huge amounts of light, so that the lightworkers who were already here could survive, and also the vibration of this planet would become light enough for a wave of lightwarriors to come in. And after these, another wave of lightworkers entered.

The first few waves had many casualties.

What we are doing now is to remove all Darkness within individuals and the human collective, so that as many people can go back to their original configuration as possible.  Those that are not able to, or do not want to, will be integrated back into Dark Source or Oneness.  There is no gray area. No “special planet” for Dark beings or fallen beings.  This universe, and its creators, have decided not to partake in Darkness in any way or form.  All portals created by Darkness to enter this universe have been closed. The wall that separated this sector to the rest of this universe is such that only light can come in, but no darkness can pass.

The beings which are designed to put things back in their place, are now facilitating the “ascension” of the individuals who chose to go back to their own natural configuration of Light.  This “ascension” basically means the lifting of the veil of forgetfulness, the reconfiguration to a healthy light based duality and the return of the natural connection to Light Source.

With these beings’ work, lightworkers and lightwarriors are now able to do their job more effectively, healing, educating and saving fallen beings who choose to ascend.

Many more beings have been entering the earth in the past few decades, some to educate, some to channel information, some to bring light, some to heal the planet or the people, or both.

The work has meant that we are no longer limited as individuals, or as a species or planet, to what we can achieve.  Darkness is putting up a big fight to keep control of the planet, and it is up to us to stop it. We can do this at this time by processing and resolving our personal FEAR, STRESS and SUFFERING.

Find a powerful fear processing exercise here.

And a powerful stress relief exercise here.

I would be very interested in hearing what wave of beings you most identify with. Feel free to add your comments or insights in our comment’s section below, or on our telegram channel.You may also like: The Original Architects, Creators of our Species…

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