The Permanency of Ascension

I have been asked by various individuals whether after going into an ascended state, experiencing it, will they come back to their previous state or whether they will be able to live their entire lives in that ascended state.

There is no set rule to this.

One person can stay in their ascended state for the rest of their lives and beyond. Another will have periods of ascension and then periods of their lives as an individual in duality. However, the more they allow the perception of their ascended state to exist, these periods will become longer and the periods of perception in duality will become shorter.

Why do we come back to a perception of duality when living in an ascended state is so much more desirable?

It is simple. We have perceived in duality for a long time. It is a well known and well traveled road. Our identity is often tied up with Earthly concerns and leaving that behind is difficult.

We are still in a world asleep, so if we fall into slumber it is not a big deal. It can be frustrating, but it is normal. However, we do have the tools to wake ourselves up again and if we do so, the state of Ascension will become permanent.

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