The Power of Sex

During my preparatory work for the Sex, Love and Soul-Mates in the New Paradigm Talks I remembered something that happened in the early 1990s.

While I was in college, at Dublin City University, I was at a lecture being given by a world leader in sociolinguistics.

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Sociolinguistics is the descriptive study of the effect of any and all aspects of society, including cultural norms, expectations, and context, on the way language is used, and the effects of language use on society

During this lecture, he was talking about how rape had nothing to do with sex, sexuality, or even sexual desire, but all about power.  How one person was basically physically bulling another and forcing the other person to submit physically so that the perpetrator could feel powerful.  As this lecturer was a world respected leader in his field, extremely intelligent, and a formal government “expert” who was a key decision-taker on laws and guidelines for the country, his view was more than just a personal opinion.

Half way through this lecture, I put up my hand, something unheard of during his lectures.  When he saw that my hand was up, he immediately asked me what it was I wanted to ask or say. My response was very short and in the nature of:

“Of course it’s about sex, sexual desire, sexual energy, sexual power, and sexual dominance. Otherwise, their genitals would not be in the equation. To say it has nothing to do with sex, when it is the sexual organs that are being violated, or used to violate in many cases, is ignoring the elephant in the room, it’s a way to make it ‘comfortable’, as we don’t talk about sex in Ireland. I would have to disagree with you, and say that although rape is about power, it is also all about sex.”

The lecturer went into a huge defensive monolog for the rest of the lecture. To which I did not respond in any way or form, except by staying wide open to what he was saying, without judgment, to see if he was indeed right.

On his next lecture, he began by reminding everyone about the statement I had made the previous week, and how he had defended his own position on the matter. He then said words in the nature of, “I was wrong. Rape is completely related to sex. Yes, it is about power, but to separate sex from rape is not possible.”

By the end of the year, this change in view had been reflected in Irish governmental documents and formal policy reviews.

Of course, the entire rape thing is a core victim/aggressor/tyrant/martyr/savior paradigm program. And what we can do about it, if it triggers an emotional charge in us, is to process that particular paradigm.

The reason I am sharing this story at a public level, is to express something, an awareness, a view that, was in fact, missing from both of our viewpoints at the time, and it is so obvious, and so talked about, that most of us take is as a norm, but often don’t even see it.

Sex is Power.

When we think of power, in the western world, we immediately think of power over others.

When we think Sex is Power, we often think of a woman holding this power to further her own agendas, for others to use the sexual power of women to sell cars, clothes, and everything else that can be sold.

We might think of a history lesson where we learned that women stopped a war by withholding sex from their men.

Throughout the few thousands years we have lived through, women’s power has been equated with their Sex. Not gender, but their sexual organs.

We could also think of how men use their sex to subdue or exploit others.

In other words, we think of it in negative terms because most of the programs we have about sex are negative and the word “Power” is also used negatively.

So, why is Sex so Powerful?

The answer is very much related to the energy centers (at a chi level) of the physical body. It is related to the bringing forth of a new soul into the 3D, and also the creation of a physical body for that soul to incarnate into.

However, before concluding that they are powerful because they are there solely to bring forth new souls and bodies, think that perhaps the organs were placed in the powerful location to facilitate the bringing in of new souls and bodies.  That the power center was there to begin with, and something else was placed there to take advantage of it.

Basically, the aim of this article is to start you looking at the construct behind Sex.  To see its Power as independent from Sex. And also look at the possibility that EVERYTHING we think and “know” about Sex is simply an external program designed to have a particular response in us. The response being,”don’t tap into it.”

Imagine, for a minute, if all those programs were gone, and the Power (chi) was free from any programs or roles, or predesignated jobs. What would happen?

Some of these programs, which really are not related to sex, but we think they are, have to do with:


Being loved


Being touched

Soul Mates

Power over others



…. the list goes on and on… and on.

As we move into the New Paradigm, by creating the new paradigm, our awareness of this source of Power (chi) and all its constructs, programs, belief systems, uses, abuses, and capacities, need to expand.  We can do that when we feel “safe” to do so. We begin by processing all our fears around Sex, Power, and the Power of Sex. Make a list today, and start that processing!

Another thing we can do, is simply to have the intention to “look” at this topic within our own lives. Observe it.

Note: If you are interested in exploring these topics more there is an in-depth discussion and course on Love, Sex and Soul-Mates in the New Paradigm.

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