The Shamanshack

This month, we found another piece of property in the Reservation that is not restricted to be owned by a tribal member only. We can purchase it. It is nearly 20 acres in size, has a water front, and is magical. The plan now is to acquire both properties. The one in middle of the village has to do with people, society, cleansing the heart of the village, and is very “busy”. The 20 acres is quiet, wooded, magical, and can be activated as part of the Global Ascension Center. We see them connected. The village one is still temporary, and doesn’t belong to us, so activating it as sacred land, would be limited to the vibration of the owners. The 20 acres, once purchased, would be owned by us, including everyone who has ever donated or supported the Global Ascension Center, and thus we will be able to activate it.  This will be a place where Gaia and the human species become ONE.

So, the Shamanshack is the door, the gate and the lighthouse that leads individual into that sacred beingness which is whole. It taps into and connects with Gaia and the shamanic consciousness of the Makah Tribe (North America) as well as the Mapuche (South America).

Larry and I have taken full responsibility for acquiring and carrying out the work on both properties. We hope to make it self sufficient and accessible to all of humanity. We are presently looking at ways in which to raise the funds for the land, create spaces and forms in which individuals who want to be part of this will be able to support themselves and the land. And provide the space, connection and access to the Shamanic Consciousness Streams to which we have access to. And we also fully include the goals and manifestation of the Global Ascension Center.

What is the Global Ascension Center?

Although a separate legal entity, the Global Ascension Center is me, and I am the Global Ascension Center.

The Global Ascension Center is a non-profit organization which is establishing its first major project: to acquire land where a Person, Source, and Earth become One. A Center where there is no distinction between what is mundane and what is Sacred. Where there is no separation between the person and his or her environment.

All of us have heard of Sacred Land. Sacred Land is something that we often associate only to Native People’s from around the world who consider all of Gaia a Living, Conscious Being.

Yet we, in the West, have lost our capacity to see our Earth this way.

Due to our cultural viewpoint of being separate and independent from Earth, Land and Environment, we built a society under the tenets  of “taming and exploiting” of our Earth.  The results are personally felt in stressful city living, as well as globally with widespread pollution, and numerous social problems.

By the time Westerners realized that Sacred Land was to be revered and protected, most of it was indeed built on and destroyed.

Fortunately, we now know that there is something very special about those locations. Around the planet millions of dollars are spent every year as individuals travel long distances to reach, and experience, Sacred Land. Their pilgrimages take them to a location where they can have a larger than life experience, a reconnection with their own divinity, with Source, or even with Gaia.

Yet that connection can be achieved by any of us, anywhere we are. Not only that, but it can be created in conjunction with the beings who inhabit the land. The trees, the animals, the bugs… all have a conscious awareness of their place on the planet. The planet itself is recognized by most cultures to have its own identity and consciousness. Gaia, Pachamama, Madre Tierra.

Here in the West, we have disconnected from that ability. The ability to be one with our environment. To reconnect with our Earth. And we look for it thousands of miles away, at some Sacred Land location. We go there passively, expecting something to be given to us. Or we go in thinking we need to do stuff to the land in order to “heal” it. We leave bits of ourselves there, our vibrational luggage, and sometimes even objects such as crystals, photographs, or markings that we were there. Sometimes we take with us stones, or other objects from the Sacred Land.  All this we do to connect and stay connected with that higher vibrational environment.

The Global Ascension Center is a place where we carry out a real time journey of remembering how to be one with our environment at a very physical level. How we can take any land we own, raise our own vibration, raise the land’s vibration if it needs it, and reconnect with it at a higher level of awareness.

More about the Global Ascension Center here.

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We have some updated: The shamanshack – Update January 2018

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