The sound of the Universe and what it does to you

Some time back I was working with my mystical students on a sigil making project.

The method we used was the sound of the sigil words on a cymatic machine and developing the sigil from there.

In order to test that the machine was working, we played several other sounds, and three of these sounds created the same shape.

We were super surprised to see this!

These three sound files were chosen by us as music or sounds that we were not only curious about, but liked. 

  1. Craig Pruess – Devi Prayer
  2. The sound of OM
  3. Reconnect to your highest frequency self. The sounds starts at minute 1:13

So, what do these sounds do to you?

If you delve deeply into them, these sounds will help you reach a high-frequency altered state. Within that state, you can heal yourself, expand your awareness, consciously manifest… in fact the limitations of things you can do from that state are your own and you can keep them or drop them.

Number 3, the one we created at the Lemurian portal, is particularly powerful. When played for a few hours, people report they reach a point where they will feel very irritated. The mechanics behind this irritation are the low frequency leftover programs and bits or energy in our bodies. It is like they cause an out of tune noise. If it happens to you, you need to push through, keep listening. Eventually it passes and the resulting state is very, very good for you and the human collective.


Inelia Benz

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