The Sun and Sungazing

OK, I am trying to keep these articles short. But this one is a bit longer, so I hope you will stick it out and read to the end. It’s worth it 🙂

Several years ago, I shared my experience of Sungazing.

Since then, I have received hundreds of messages and emails from individuals who are interested in the subject.

Discussions about it have grown in (WWMN) too. Mostly, people are interested in the bit that happened several months into my Sungazing experiment, which was the day that I received the information, the knowing, that if I wanted I didn’t have to eat food ever again and I would be perfectly fine.

The main question I got, funnily enough, was about how Sungazing worked to allow the person to stop eating without any negative effects (die). What were the mechanics behind it?

My answer was that the person had to Sungaze, and if their higher-self decided it was the best path, the links would be made within their body and they would get the same message. This is still true, but it doesn’t explain the mechanics behind it.

Years passed and I saw documentaries and articles where Sungazing masters, who said they didn’t have to eat, were found and filmed eating fast food or local cuisine. Some of these masters were then filmed trying to bribe the filmmaker into deleting the photos or videos. Oops.

What really surprised me was the second part. The bribery. Because the first part, the part where they were seen eating, to me was irrelevant. Just because you don’t have to eat anymore, doesn’t mean you don’t want to or won’t do it.

Then, in August 2022, the conversation started again at WWMN. Some members started their sungazing journey and were asking details such as whether it was best to stand on dirt or grass while doing this. Stuff like that. And, of course, the mechanics behind the “no food needed” thing. 

As I started looking at it again, after all these years, I remembered a bit of information that actually does explain part of the mechanics behind how Sungazing provides everything our body needs in order to flourish. It explains why some people get massive results while others do not. Another interesting bit about this information is that only a handful of people read my post on the forum. Which is VERY STRANGE INDEED. What that tells me, is that this is key empowerment information and that not many people are ready for it.

Do you want to find out what I saw? OK 🙂 Keep reading. This is what I wrote back in August 2022:

One of the really fascinating aspects of the Sun is that it is a different experience for each person.

Not just in the aspect of Sungazing, but generally speaking, the Sun is experienced differently by individuals.

I think this is a big aspect of the results people get with Sungazing.

For example, when I did the experiment, a friend decided to do it too, at the same time. She wasn’t getting any results, at least not the results I was getting.

Then one day, I decided to take a break from it. She asked me “why?” I told her that I was saturated, that the Sun was so filled with information that I couldn’t take any more in. That I would integrate the information for a few days, then when I felt I could take some more, I would continue with the experiment.

She gasped.

I asked her what was the matter. She then laughed and said, “I think I just realized why I am not getting the same results as you are. I have spent every single day talking to the sun and telling the sun everything, all my problems, issues, experiences and such. In other words, not for a moment did I allow myself to receive information, just give it.”

It was a super interesting perspective, so the next time I looked at the Sun, I decided to send it information instead of receiving it, and sure enough, there was a deep sense of separation in that dynamic. Like, externalizing authority.

I felt into my natural stance as I did the sungazing, and it was very different. It was like the sun and I became one, and my body needed to adapt to be able to cope with the new energies, power and chi. Which was why it took me so long to get to ten minutes of sun gazing.

My personal initial intent was connected to healing the pineal and pituitary glands. Cleansing the body. And healing damage to the rest of the body.

I don’t remember what my friend’s initial intent was.

To summarize, the “why” and “how” you do this is going to dictate your results.

FYI, at the end of the experiment, I decided to continue eating food as eating food was more than just for physical nourishment. Eating food connected me with Gaia and my family and friends.

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Inelia Benz

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