They are shooting down UFOs. Is this real and what do we do?

From February 10th 2023 forward, there have been official governmental reports of military jets shooting down UFOs The airspace over Montana was also shut down due to a “radar anomaly”. By the time you read this, there will be more about these incidents on the mass media and alternative news outlets.

What are these things in the sky and why are the governments of major countries admitting to shooting them down? And how is it relevant to our mission on Earth?

A reminder of our mission: we, high-frequency beings, are here to express our true frequency in this world and have that frequency reflected back to us in the form of high-frequency experiences in the physical universe

I mentioned both in “Looking at 2022” and in “Looking at 2023” that there would be a big UFO reveal by the government. Not an overnight disclosure, but the slow build up of “Aliens are real” type material, culminating and snowballing into a new reason to subjugate the population of Earth.

The reveal contains words that have been constantly seeded through mass media, such as “an abundance of caution”, “aerial threat”, “danger,” “interfere with safety”, “foreign spy balloons”. A slow and simmering energy of fear that is being spread when thinking of UFOs.

In my seeing, I mentioned that any type of disclosure from official governmental agencies had to be taken with a pinch of salt. You need to realize that everything they say about UFOs is false. Everything. Whether they say it is a foreign balloon, while at the same time releasing information from their pilots who say it was moving fast, was solid and had no propulsion technology, their narrative will be filled with fear and threat of war.

So, what are these things? 

Some of them are indeed crafts from other civilizations. The ones they are shooting down are from our civilization. They are flying them in the sky, and then shooting them down.

This creates two things:

  1. They can now admit to unidentified flying objects.
  2. They can control the narrative and appear to be powerful, they can shoot these objects down.

Now, let’s play pretend. Remember that when I say, “let’s play pretend”, it is a tool to expand our awareness to possibilities we have not previously explored. Whether these possibilities are actual or fantasies is irrelevant. We are just “pretending”, after all.

OK, here goes: imagine for a minute what we know as Earth and its vast spaces, is but a small island on a much larger planet. And that on that larger planet, there are different experiences being lived that are strictly defined by the awareness and frequency of the people in them.

Now, imagine that we are having a split of experience on our part of that larger planet. The island of light/dark experience is splitting into a “light island” and a “light/dark island”.

As we who chose the light experience, raise our own frequency, the entirety of the collective we are part of, the light/dark collective, expands its awareness. In other words, we can see more. Imagine that as we allow our awareness to expand, we are able to see and perceive the technology from those civilizations that are outside of the light/dark constraints. Imagine that this is a known fact, and a fact that always creates a snowballing effect of awareness. Imagine, now, that billions of people on Earth decided they do not want to expand their awareness in this direction, what are they going to do with the fact that objects are going to appear in their skies and they can no longer be blind to them?

A narrative of fear is what will keep them away from those objects and their true nature.

In the videos of 2022 and 2023 where I mentioned the Governmental Alien Agenda, I also mentioned that when you hear and see these things, all you need to do is make some popcorn and watch the show. I also mentioned that they would use these sightings as ways to explain away massive amounts of unprecedented cases of sickness and death around the world and that we must not fall for that narrative in any way or form.  

What narrative is the one we are meant to carry out? And how do we do it?

The narrative we are here to carry out is one of expanded awareness, inspiration, health, longevity, high-frequency experiences, nurturing of our young and old. You know the narrative, you are familiar with it, you feel it in your bones. And this is how we do it:

  1. Raise our frequency. 
  2. Expand our awareness. 
  3. Be willing to be part of a much larger experience of Earth than what we have been taught in school. 
  4. Know that only frequency dictates our experience, so be diligent and if we do feel stress over these stories, we process that stress. We have a tool for that.
  5. Know that as the incidence of objects in the sky increases, that we can scan their frequency. If their frequency is low and aggressive, or they can be shot down, it is an object from our governments. If its frequency is non-invasive, then it’s part of a larger reality.
  6. And the most important tool on Earth – US!!  We are volunteers who came here to embody the true light-frequency of humanity on Earth. Let’s do our job!

That’s it.

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