Time Sensitive: The Secret About July and August

I wanted you to read this information while we are still in the period of time between the last week of July and first week of August. When you read this, it will hopefully be before August the 7th. But if you haven’t, and you are reading this at some other time, no worries as this particular aspect of the Universe repeats every year at the same time.

The Secret:

This secret has been kept well guarded by Occultists throughout the ages. Why? Because it gives regular folk power. So here it is. 

Depending on the year, the last week of July and the first week of August is a massive reality changing portal.

Most people ride this portal in an unconscious way. It is our higher-self, our expanded awareness self, that makes a decision on whether to use this portal to make big changes to our lives, or not.

We have a choice.

By sending you this information, I want you to have a conscious choice this year and every other year from now on. Why? Because I want you to choose to fully embody the high-frequency paradigm. I want you to choose to use this portal to really become your full-on natural high-frequency being that you came here to be.

At WWMN we use these months as our months of manifestation. We have been doing this for years now, with amazing results.

This year, I am giving away this secret to everyone, not only in WWMN but everyone who happens to stumble upon this article or receives my Newsletter.

Again, this is a global, Universal portal that happens to manifest during this period of time. I like to start the manifestation exercises at WWMN the first week of July. We used to only do July as I felt that as we finished the last week of July, the goal was reached smack in the middle of the portal. But, it was suggested by the members that we continue the exercises into August. When I looked at it at an energetic level, it made complete sense to do that. So, now we continue until the end of August.

The portal is so big, so powerful and so available to us, that we can ride its energy from weeks before to weeks after it opens. 

I have been using this portal for my entire adult life. I choose and make my most important and life changing decisions during these two weeks. Well, I usually make my decisions before that, and then implement them during the portal period.

With this power, the conscious awareness of this portal and that you can use it, comes great responsibility. 

Truth this information, and gather evidence for it if you need to. Or simply use it and see what happens. Or both!

Whatever you do, do it well.

Inelia Benz

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