Timeline Earth

My first memory of my Guild was me wearing the little gray uniform given to kids who are not classifiable. 

The big lady was looking intently at me, frowning. “There is no biting. Rosie, look at me. We do not bite. Do you understand?”

I was a wild child. 

“He pushed me.” 

“Did he, now? I will have words with him too. But, if someone upsets you again, you come to me. No biting. OK?”

I looked at her, I felt into her mind, and saw that her thoughts were saying, “she is such a tiny little cutie pie. I wonder how long I can keep this frown. She’s also tough as nails, which is good. If she gives me puppy eyes, I won’t be able to tell her off.”

Of course, her thoughts were not words, they were images and feelings. So I saw the perfect instructions on how to stop her being mad at me. 

My head tipped down a little bit, my eyes got very big as I looked at her, my lips trembled a little bit and a tiny drops of water welled in my eyes.

It was over.

What does that story have to do with timelines? Well, it didn’t happen in this one. It happened in a different timeline where I grew up and lived in for about fifty years. 

Before I describe the circumstances of my timeline change, I want to mention that it was interesting to me that in this current timeline there are many movies that depict the guild concept and how children are placed in them, and the fear and nastiness around kids that cannot be “classified” to fit in a box. 

I did think about writing this as a Woo For Thought Essay, as it is a long story. But I am dedicating that platform to Enlightenment for the next few publications and I want to bring timelines back into our awareness now, not in the future.

OK, first let’s look at the circumstances of my timeline change.

We all have memories of what happened to us as children. Often, though, our memories are in conflict with those of other people who we shared those years with. The Mandela Effect is something that is now broadly known in the world, and is evidence that depicts the remembrance of a change in a collective timeline.

As a kid, in this timeline, I did have full awareness of timeline changes both at a collective level and as a singular level. Sometimes a person would pop in from a different timeline and everyone remembered them as having always been in this one. And sometimes a person would vanish from this one and no one remembered them having ever existed.

Another aspect was the shocking difference in memories, sometimes from week to week, between people. And, yes, sometimes a person would have green eyes and the next week their eyes would be brown, or blue or vice versa. But again, most everyone would remember them as always having had the same color eyes, or at best, wondering why they had never really noticed their eye color before.

I want us to ponder timelines because it now appears like this split is going to be experienced as a timeline divergence. I say “appears” because I have not felt that this was a timeline divergence in the past, but that the split was going to happen in this one single timeline we are in together now. 

OK, back to the story of my own jump in timelines.  In 2016, I think it was, I was traveling back from CA, USA, to WA, USA. Larry picked me up at an airport I think, and we were on our last 5 hour drive home. At some point, in the trip I felt a wave hit me. Then I opened my eyes and I did not recognize anything around me. The first thought was that perhaps I had had a stroke. But I could speak, function in all ways. As my disorientation cleared, I looked around and found myself on a land vehicle (known as a car) with two strangers. One man driving and a teenage child in the back seat. 

I quickly scanned my memories to see if I could figure out what was happening. I saw many memories accessible to me that “were not mine as Rosie”. Fifty years of them, in fact. 

I was both shocked and fascinated by these unreal memories. I looked at my body and found it to be different. She was small, weak, sickly, injured and very, very aged. The man was Larry, and the child was his youngest daughter but at the time I didn’t know their names or who they were. As the hours went by, I told Larry what had happened. To me he was a total stranger. The next few days I had trouble eating the so-called “food” in this timeline, and tried to replicate the nourishing and live food from the other timeline. I did not succeed. 

Today, it is the memories from that other timeline that I consider not quite real. Since then, I have met some people who I recognised from that other timeline, including the lady who told me not to bite. She is much younger than me in this timeline. I am still not used to cars, roads, and the light/dark paradigm here, and still have strong experiential telepathy connections with my other timeline whenever I can’t find answers in this one, or feel homesick.

My class “Mining Timelines” was created before my personal experience of changing timelines, and it teaches how to have experiential experiences in other timelines and bringing back the wisdoms we have learned there back to this timeline. In this class I do mention how some people have physically changed timelines and remember about the previous one. But I did not have personal experience of it. Now I do.

On our podcast, we will be exploring the timeline I consider myself to be from, as well as timelines in general. In particular, I want to explore what happened in the weeks, months and years after my jump. As well as what I think are the mechanics that allow a person to do so, and why often the person doesn’t remember it happening. I also want to explore the feeling that our split in reality is slowly moving us into two timelines. Which is different to jumping timelines. Make sure to listen to the full episode, first and second parts, of this podcast as this conversation is foundationally important to our near future experiences.

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