To Eat Meat, or Not to Eat Meat, that is the question.

Extracted and edited for general release from the Spiritual Ascension 101 Course

There is a lot of feelings, judgment and attachment to the views of eating meat and also not eating meat in our daily diet.  These are based on medical considerations, moral considerations, religious and spiritual considerations.  What we are concerned with, while doing our Ascension Process, is whether eating meats will stop us from achieving our goal or whether it is irrelevant.  Well, it is neither actually.

Yes, eating meat will slow our process down, but it will not stop it.  The reasons are rather simple. Firstly, most meats, and animal products, are full of toxins. While the animal, or bird, is grown in our modern farms, it will be subjected to huge amounts of stress, unhappiness, and physical pain. All these leave a chemical and hormone residue in the fat content of the meat as well as smaller amounts of it in the meat itself.  Apart from these naturally occurring chemicals and hormones  animals and birds will generate in huge amounts while they are grown under these conditions, there are also additional toxins added to them in the form of food additives, growth hormones, and even colorants and flavor enhancers.   After the animal or bird is killed, more chemicals are added during the cleaning and packaging stage in order to keep them “fresh” for a longer period.  Some meats will receive an added dose of colorants and artificial flavors at this stage too.

Of course, if you only eat small, organic farm grown animal and bird meat and products, most of the above will not be present.  So if you are going to continue eating meat, this is the best type for you to buy.

Secondly, if you have any moral attachment to eating animals or birds, or even fish, you will shower your food with negative vibration.  Yup, you will pollute it. So, if this is you, stop eating it.

On a purely vibrational level, vegetables, even the factory grown kind, will have a higher vibration than any type of animal meat.

However, if you compare the ascension process of a person who eats from a burger joint every day, but is an extremely positive and feels gratitude for everything that he or she ingests, to someone who is a negative person who complaints about everything and feels bad about eating in general, it is the person who eats processed burgers every day who will achieve their ascension goal first.

In other words, although eating meat does slow us down on our Spiritual Ascension, it will definitely not stop it.

Being a vegetarian will not automatically start or continue your ascension process. The physical body is one of many bodies that need to be detoxified and aligned in order to achieve a permanent vibrational change to a higher, more refined, more empowered level.

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