Tools and Exercises for Ascension

It is sometimes difficult to change our vibration to a higher one, or expand our awareness when there is so much going on in our lives.  That’s why I have started a series of self growth tools that you can use in daily life to kick start the work.

On the Tools section in the menu, you will find some Audio files that help you relax, some meditations and other Self Growth tools.

If you have not used relaxation audios before, start with the 5 min Relaxation for the Workplace one.  Also start with this one if every time you try to mediate you fall asleep and also if you are going through stress and an overactive life and don’t get much time to simply sit down somewhere and relax.

For the mediation audios, use the one you feel is most appropriate for you.  I will be adding more in the next few weeks, so keep checking that page or follow ascensionlastest on twitter, all the latest entries  for are placed there, including the tools.

In February I will also be adding some videos explaining the basic concepts of Ascension as well as some tools you can use to fast forward your progress.  If you are registered for the newsletter, you will get an update when this section goes up on the site.

These tools are not aligned to any religion or belief system.  I do mention things such as elemental, Mother Earth, Spirit Guides and the like, so if you do not subscribe to these concepts they might pinch a nerve. I use these terms because there are no better terms to describe the energies we are working with at the moment. Remember, your beliefs are more important than anything written or spoken about in this website, so take from here what you find useful and discard the rest.

You can also rocket fuel your ascension process with the  Spiritual Ascension 101 Course

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