A “Lone Wolf” acts independently and spends time alone instead of in a group. A Lone Wolf is strong, intelligent, and sometimes more aggressive and powerful than other wolves.

A Lone Wolf is a Free Spirit, a nonconformist, making their own way into the world under their own drumbeat. A rebel, distinguished by their reserved nature, making conscious choices and not programmed ones.

A Lonewolf values strength, independence, self-reliance, awareness, truth, authenticity, and a thirst for a meaningful life.

Embracing the Lone Wolf within was *necessary* for the accelerated awakening process of our species for the past couple hundred years.

This has been a difficult but fulfilling journey for those who embraced this energy.

And now, we can hear the call to transform again!

It is NOW time for the Lone Wolf to come together and create a different kind of pack. Not a herd, but an empowered community. It is time to transition from the “I” to the “We” consciousness. It is time for the Lone Wolf to find his “pack”.

The Lone Wolf energy has served us well. It got us this far in the world. Now it’s time for conscious co-creation, for shared learning and exploration, for creating a network, for inspiring and being inspired, for focusing on *our* growth, on *our* expansion of awareness, on *our* planet.

Your Strength is Our Strength and Our Strength is Your Strength!

Lightworkers… Unite!

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