Trust in higher-self choices

Why is this happening to me? We often ask, or hear others asking. 

As lightworkers, we often want to figure this out, and when it comes to negative interactions, we try to stop these from happening, which is the correct way to respond to them.  You are not here to have negative low-frequency interactions. That is not our mission.

Often, when what happens is “good things always happen to me”, many lightworkers will hide this fact or feel bad about it because it seems to be the opposite for other people and they don’t want to make them feel worse about it. They can start feeling guilty that they have a charmed life, or worried they may ruin it somehow by talking about it.

For me, the real cruncher of a problem is how to make sure that our choices that brought about the experiences in our life are coming from our higher-self and not from some destructive or limiting program or influence that we have unconsciously integrated into our lives.

Circumstances in our lives are always ALWAYS the direct result of our choices. We may be talking about millions of tiny little choices throughout the decades, or one big whopper of a decision made in one day. Sometimes they are choices made before we were even born. But all of our choices are subject to us changing our minds about them. We can change our minds about stuff and start making new choices in a consistent way, which brings about a change in our experience of life.

A choice made from a higher self level is a choice we really want to experience, from expanded levels of awareness.  It may be contradicting some choices we’d ‘like’ from lesser levels of awareness, but it is in our best earth experience to go along with what that higher-self choice is.  It’s not always easy to know though.  

In other words, there are times when we can think that experiences are due to higher-self choices or decisions, even if they are not. That’s why I thought it is important to talk about what we can do to be able to both identify and trust in higher-self choices.

Here is a list of items you can look at to see if your decision is truly a higher self choice:

  1. Is the choice made primarily out of fear based reasons? – not immediate body preservation choices, but more like life decision choices such as work, love, health, spiritual expansion.  Then this is not a higher-self choice.  Your higher self is not motivated with fear.
  2. Do we feel like we are a victim? These are small self decisions. When we feel victimized we are literally giving our power away to an external source.  So again, not higher self choice.
  3. Do we allot blame to ourselves or others? Blame is not the same as the ability to respond (responsibility). If there is blame involved, we are not in a higher-self mode.  Higher self is not motivated by potential for blame.
  4. We get a hit of strong negative emotion, adrenaline and drama. These feed the low-frequency entities and situations of the world. As a light-worker, this is never a higher-self decision.  

These are just four examples you can look at. The way to respond to those situations, is to say, “this is interesting, how would I respond from my higher-self instead?”

The fact that you made it to the end of this article means you are ready to step up your game 🙂

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