Turns out Money is the Ability to Do – and here’s a money sigil for it

Did you know that a LOT of light-beings  think that money and being wealthy is corrupted,or “for the love of money is the root of all evil”? This last sentence, taken from the Bible, is often interpreted to mean that “money is the root of evil”, bypassing the word “love”. 


And it’s not by accident.

There has been a continuous unconscious programming of good people to believe poverty is good, and that money and wealth are the source of corruption and evil.

But money is just “the ability to do”.

The true fact is that when you have money, if you become a billionaire, for example, you can do A LOT OF GOOD on the planet. Money and power don’t corrupt. A person comes in that way and will be corrupt even if they are poor and powerless. The opposite is also true, a light-being doing their good works on Earth is not going to suddenly start hurting and torturing people when they become rich.

If you don’t have money, you are too busy surviving much of the time to do your good works or anything else.

Yup, money will phase out as more and more of us embody the high-frequency paradigm. But, now, during this split (which by the way it’s set to be super intense until 2030), you will be using money to pay to live on the planet and to feed your kids (or pets).

So, what we do is remove our limitations and negative programs around money. We aim to have at least 2 million high-frequency billionaires on Earth, we unite and work on our good-works together.

A pipedream? That’s ok, just daydream what it would look like! How would this feel?

Everything on Earth was someone’s pipedream in the past. Let’s make this dream become real! We make it real in our imaginations first, then take actions towards it, then make it real on our beautiful planet. We can do this.

I created a money sigil using ancient secrets to attract wealth. 

Use this money sigil to empower your wealth and the wealth of all other light-beings on Earth who want it today. 

Even if you don’t want more income, and/or you don’t need it, do it for the rest of the light-beings of the world who do want it. Download this money sigil, print it, use it in your website, and share it, share it, share it.

Larry and I will be discussing some super interesting ways to use this money sigil to create and attract wealth in your life in the Driving To The Rez podcast. So make sure to listen to it this week.

Of course, and let’s not forget, a key ingredient for you to attract money and allow yourself to be wealthy is to use the Reconnecting With The Spirit of Money Exercise and process all Firewalls and Fears that might come up to stop you from becoming a billionaire. It is time to remove our limitations and be power-full.

Both the money sigil and the Exercise are completely free on our website. 

Inelia Benz

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