UFO Whistleblowers – What’s real?

For two years now, I have stated that there is a narrative that will be pushed onto the human population when all other fear porn narratives start to fail.

That narrative indeed began when I mentioned it would, in 2020. It began slowly, gathering momentum. Getting the masses used to seeing bits here and there, and slowly disinforming them about the true nature of these objects.

I mentioned the objects were real, and I mentioned that they will be detected in increasing numbers throughout these years. I also mentioned that some of them are “ours”, as in “human” from our own civilization. 

The reason I mentioned those things, over the past three years, is because for us the relevance is to be informed and not to fall for the fear narratives coming in thick and fast through the mass media and alternative media channels.  Expect them to accelerate.

The word seedings to look for are: “unknown”, “aerial threat”, “destroyed”, “shot down”, “shoot them”, “terrified”, “fear”, “helpless”.

The word seedings that are coming are: “death ray”, “beam”, “attack” (particular over cities), “instant death”, “loss of control”, “loss of mind”, “loss of life”. All related, of course to the “alien threat”.

So, what is really happening here?

Like I mentioned before, these objects are real. What these objects are, and why we can see them now, either with our eyes or with technology that is available to the anyone, is part of the expansion of awareness that our species is going through at this time.  The visibility of these objects is a natural thing fully expected and known will happen. Much like the eclipses were known of by a few, and the information of them coming was used by kings and religious authorities to connect a narrative of control and power of the heavens to an experience that had zero to do with the kings or religious authorities.

What they are is technology from human and humanoid, as well as non-humanoid, species that are strongly related to Earth, and/or are part of our previous civilizations here. 

Read it again.  What they are is technology from human and humanoid, as well as non-humanoid, species that are strongly related to Earth, and/or are part of our previous civilizations here. 

Everyone who chose a power over others’ experience during the previous split was placed in a “remote” part of the Earth to play those games unhindered. We can see many cultures have a history of Gods or large crafts placing humans on Earth and teaching them how to eat, hunt, and survive. We also have many histories and traditions that teach an exit from “paradise” or a “golden age” that still is in our collective memories.

Well, those civilizations did not end. They continued in the natural frequencies of our species, which is very high. Now, as we construct the next experience of the “split”, we can start to see their monitoring devices, transport vessels and inter-universal technology.   Yes. Wow. Really.

Whoever controls the narrative for these sightings and interactions, controls the journey of the people who believe them. It is important that we are not controlled by those narratives. Which is why I have talked about this before, and continue to do so now.

Therefore, remember: If it generates fear and helplessness, then you can be sure it is a Power Over Others narrative. Look at it, acknowledge it and drop it. There is no benefit for us to engage with it in any form. Not even to tell people to wake up and see what’s really happening. Just be aware of it and continue with your good works. If someone was to ask your personal opinion, share what you truthed to be real.   Such as ‘Yes, that craft is real, but the story around it is bs because it’s obvious the story is to generate fear and helplessness which is total crap’.

As to how do we, those who don’t fall for the low-frequency games, respond to the objects that are not our own civilization’s objects? We raise our frequency and we use our experiential telepathy skills on the people and beings behind the wheel. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” Is what we ask. 

If they offer salvation, candy, healing, and kittens, we tell them to go away.  If they say, “we’re here to kidnap you and experiment,” I suggest we say the same.  

If they are excited about the communication and treat us as equal cousins, then we ask more questions. Whatever we do, we do not give our authority away and if at any time we project savior onto them, we step away.

During time when we existed mostly and primarily in the frequency of fear, prior to the “fear processing exercise”, and the raising of the vibrational frequency of the planet, nearly all experiences with non-human intelligences and ufos were had with the fear frequency ruling our reactions. So much so that even a voluntary meeting of equal cousins was pretty difficult to have because we were coming in from our low frequency baseline.  That is changing now.  But it depends on us.  We are the ones responsible for our experiences.

Therefore, whether it is an object in the sky that you read about on the internet, or a conscious and personal experience of us on a ship, or a ten foot tall green being in our backyard trying to tell us he’s our cousin, the energy we are carrying at the time will dictate the result.

Step away from fear and start using streetsmarts. If they dictate what our experience is, then we tell them to go away. That includes the mass media and alternative media narratives.

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