Virtual vs Real World

Larry and I spend a LOT of time on the internet. 

We are officially professional podcasters. In other words, we earn a living from our podcasts and online classes because you sponsor their creation through Subscribestar.

To keep our finger on the pulse of what is going on in the world, and through personal curiosity, Larry spends time on many social platforms. Places we know are run by AI which is programmed to disseminate and propagate darkness in the light/dark paradigm.

In other words, a good portion of Larry’s research outside of our internet community of students and podcast audience is deeply embedded in the dark side of the Light/Dark paradigm. 

For most of us, our social interactions on the internet include family, friends, employment, hobbies, interests, alternative media, etc.. And apart from all those, there are also dozens of click bait items to take our attention. Many people, people we know and care about, are embedded in victim/aggressor and helpless dynamics and they post heavily about those dynamics.

By default, most of the items they post are clickbait images, videos, discussions and pages that stimulate fear, righteousness, despondency, frustration, and stress.  All of which are narrative boosters for the lightdark paradigm. See our last woo for thought to read more about narratives.

We click into them knowing about the Split. Knowing about higher-self choices and understanding about the split and what this means to our lives and society at large. So one would think that because we know what they are about, they would not have a negative effect on us.

However, we often go in to check on our own friends, relatives, or the news for a few minutes, and end up clicking those click-bait images and interactions ourselves. We then find ourselves stuck to a screen for several hours surfing through negative energies. 

And this is a very interesting bit: when we come out of the screen and arrive at our real life experience of the world, walk around the house, go outside, talk to our pets or people we live with, there is a lingering stickiness in our energy field. A leftover of the light/dark internet.

As we are awake, aware and able to consciously understand what happened, and are able to dislodge from those energies, the vibrancy, light and physical co-creation of our experience starts to take hold, leaving everything else behind.

The dogs need exercise and feeding, plus lots of cuddles and pets. The chickens need food and water, and talking to. The cats need hugs and food, and nice keyboards to lay on which means we can’t type or see what’s on the screen. Our homes need dusting and tidying. Our own bodies need walks, air, light, food, cleansing and physical interactions with those around us. We also need to get on with work, jobs, hobbies and the like.

So we CHOOSE. 

There is something called the “dark internet”. And it is indeed very dark. However, what we call the regular “Internet” is by no means light. But it does agree to have “light” in it. This fact is used to attract light beings into spirals of darkness, but it only works if the person is not aware and awake at the time.

In other words, because we know what is going on, we can involve ourselves with only “light” on the internet. Or we can fall for the clickbait and go into low frequency engagements for hours on end. 

We may not even realize we are doing so.

This morning, for example, I woke up to the voice of a man who completely repulses me. He is a public figure and a lightworker trap. Says all the right things, but his energy is evil. I won’t say his name because there is no point. I am not here to engage with him or his energy, or defeat or feed him in any way. 

However, for me it was a rude awakening. It was loud, his voice bouncing off the walls at home. 

I asked Larry why he was listening to him. Larry said a few things, about the nature of the conversation and its qualities as bait, the voice continued for a few moments more, then the volume went down and eventually off.  Larry, then remembering our previous conversation about this man, was considerate of the effect this voice has on me, and shut it off.  

The energy I was left with was curiosity itself. I wondered how it was that after I had told Larry that even the man’s voice repulsed me, he decided to blast it out in high volume first thing in the morning. His impression was it was very low and not intrusive. 

It was a choice, you see.

What we bring into our real life from the internet, the life outside the internet, is something we choose. No one needs to force us or bully us to blast low frequencies around our home. But sometimes we do it. Of course, in Larry’s case, this “doing” happened because of a clear disconnect between his physical body and environment. He thought it was not loud after hours, that felt like a few minutes, of surfing the low-frequency waves of the internet.  It is almost like sleepwalking right into a low-frequency feeding frenzy.  Real life was perfection and high frequency and everything anyone could wish for, yet the low frequency managed to slip its head in the door anyways.

Once the awareness of what was happening entered his mind, the energy of the internet discourse changed, he then brought me delicious coffee, breakfast and good conversation.

Having a healthy curiosity and checking on what is being reported about the world is street smart. And a great part of our look at 2023 video, for example, was indeed about educating ourselves of the plans the other side had for this year so the happenings on the planet would not take us by surprise or suck us into them.

Larry is now out in the sun and fresh air. Before he left, he asked me to write something about that weird period between having spent several hours on the internet, and then stepping into the real world. How odd it was.

My response is that the “weird” period is dictated by what you were feeding while you were surfing the internet. If you spend time feeding your own high-frequency life choices, you come out energized, compatible with your real life, and ready to get on with it. You come out smiling and filled with inspiration, looking forward to completing your plans for the day. If, however, you chose to be clickbaited into POO (Power Over Others), you will feel somewhat discombobulated. You will feel out of sync. You will require a time of adaptation. Why? Because you are by default a high-frequency being and you are by default creating a high-frequency physical experience.
We will, of course, be discussing this topic at length on our podcast, Driving to the Rez, and delving deeply into the energies at play. The second hour is available to those who sponsor our work by contributing on Subscribestar.

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