Voting is a TRAP

Recently, I heard one of the Presidential Candidates in the USA stating, “I work for the light and I do not work for the dark”.

This statement is a lie. He does not, nor does any other politician in the USA, work for the “light”.  The political structure and all that it represents is a low-frequency structure designed to trap your sovereignty by the act of voting it (power over yourself) away to another person who will then “represent” you. 

This statement from that particular candidate is an acknowledgment that there is a choice point, a split, between the light and the dark right now. But his words are designed to trap and divide lightworkers from their true and real job on Earth at this time. The real job of lightworkers, your job, is to embody the new paradigm and create new social, work, community and educational structures. It is not to partake in a voting match within a dark system. Your job is to NOT give your power away to another.


Your vote will make zero positive difference in the outcome of the country’s future as all parties and the entire structure of voting is part of a huge negative creation and trap.  It doesn’t matter if you vote Republican or Democrat, Green Party or The Loony Party… Any Party, the result is the same: YOU GIVE YOUR AUTHORITY AND SOVEREIGNTY TO A NEGATIVE POWER-OVER OTHERS SYSTEM.

Divide and conquer is the key purpose to all elections.  

I have been speaking very publicly since 2010 about how we need to step into our own vibrational frequency and embody the new paradigm on Earth.  By voting, you immediately become partisan. 

Definition of “partisan” from DuckDuckGo:

“An adherent to a party or faction; esp., one who is strongly and passionately devoted to a party or an interest.”

By voting you immediately become “part” and not “whole”. By voting you become disempowered and no longer the person who decides your experience on Earth.

It is a trap.

You may think, “well, I am not going to participate in the two party election, so I will vote for this other person instead.” Guess what, you just gave your power away. 

It is the entire “democratic” system that is the trap. There is no democracy.  The system of democratic governance is designed and created to oppress the people of Earth. It is based on division, righteousness and aggression. The people are so busy fighting with each other (because of their race, because they do/not wear masks, because they do/not vaccinate, because they do/not like Trump, because they do/not believe in global warming etc., etc., etc.) that they do not see or are even interested in what really rules our reality.

So… what rules our reality?

YOU rule our reality.

By giving your power away, you give the power to a system, person or organization to rule reality FOR YOU.

So, what do you do instead?

  2. Embody the New Paradigm
  3. Process your fears
  4. Find your tribes, you are NOT alone.
  5. Create and support new educational, living and working structures and organizations.
  6. KNOW that covid19, global warming, racism and terrorism are ALL false flag creations made to DIVIDE AND CONTROL YOU.
  7. DO NOT get vaccinated for ANYTHING. This is very important.

Do you agree with all of the above? Send the link to this article to everyone you know. Post it on social media. Print it and stick it at your local supermarket and post office.

Is it scary to send this to others, post it publicly? Well, process your fears, because if fear is stopping you, you are choosing to have others dictate how you live and what you express, you are giving your power away to the beast.

And guess what, those people who you are afraid of, they don’t care what you do. If they do happen to see your post of this article, and attack you, then you know who not to hang out with anymore. Don’t defend your stance, do not engage with them at all. All they care about is your vote for a power over others paradigm.  They care that you subscribe to their having full control of reality, division, righteousness, anger, fear and decay. They care about you giving your power away to them. And in all honesty, what they want and care about is not your concern. Your concern has to be about EMBODYING AND BUILDING THE NEW PARADIGM. Let the others crumble, and be grateful that they are now very visible so you can avoid engaging with them.

See you on the other side 🙂


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