Want to know what I see for 2017?

This year is a very important year for all human beings on Earth. In this newsletter, I will give a summary of why it is an important year for us, what I can see, and also share what I will be doing personally from 2017 onward.

For a more indepth look, I created a video:

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Firstly, since around mid 2016, there have been waves of intensity that last about three months each, peaking at the end before they release and start again. These waves seem to be affecting people in different ways. The nature of the last wave, the one at the end of 2016, was of light/dark both pushing against each other and pulling away from each other both at a personal level and a social level.

The wave that started at the end of December, and is going forward into 2017, is uncomfortable only if we are holding onto low frequency vibrations, actions, habits and relationships.

It is time to commit to embodying the new paradigm, making no more excuses for low frequency thoughts, emotions or actions for ourselves or others, and it is time to drop all the stories that have validated our engagement in low frequency experiences. I talk about what this means and how to go about it extensively in the video.

At Walk With Me Now we have co-created a High Frequency Emergency First Aid Kit to help us pull out of pain, suffering and stress. Download the files and keep the links handy so you can have access to it whenever you get sucked into low frequency engagements. Eventually, by having the intention to minimize negative interactions and experiences, we will train ourselves to automatically pull away from those energies instantly, and eventually they won’t even come into our reality.

There are three important energies that came into the human collective in 2016, that we can map to and integrate in 2017:

  1. Unification – becoming one with each other in the intent, action and creation of a reality that is supportive, nurturing, caring and abundant for all people of the planet.
  2. Healing the hurt – actively healing the hurt we have in our lives, culturally, familial, social, and physical to then be able to act and do from a place of wholeness and joy.
  3. Commitment – commit 100% to embodying the new paradigm, release all excuses for ourselves and others for actions that hurt ourselves or others. Actively step into a high frequency experience of reality.

Again, I go into these three aspects extensively in the video.

And finally, a word about my personal path.

You may know that in 2017 I am stepping out of public work, the delivering of the message of empowerment to the masses. You may also know that I am going back to the work I did before I was asked to go public. That work was to write books and also to support and train individuals who are actively supporting and guiding the people around them.

As I sat and energetically removed myself from further public work, allowing the joyful and comfortable energy of trainer, guide and supporter of those who are already committed to their empowerment and the empowerment of those whom they in turn guide and support, a bright and shiny light shone in my field of attention.

This light was so bright and so powerful that at first I couldn’t see what it was. I had to raise my own personal vibrational frequency in order to discern the details. And when I saw what it was, I got the best surprise ever!

It was Walk With Me Now.

The Team and I had laid the foundation for the most amazingly supportive and educational platform possible for exactly those individuals who are ready and willing to step into their power not just for themselves, but for all those around them. The flow of energy, light, support, nurturing and joy is multi-leveled and mutual. This is the next stage in evolution for the work of supporting the supporters, the pillars of our human collective.

If you are committed to embodying the New Paradigm, stepping into your power, expanding your awareness and disengaging from low frequency games, if you resonate with honesty and transparency, you like to learn and be in joy, you are aware of your own potential, skills and limits you will fit right in.

As a physical extension of the support and the being supported energy, we are creating The Shamanshack.

The Shamanshack is a physical location, a school, and gallery based on shamanic and mystical teachings where we will hold private courses, classes and personal healing and empowerment retreats to support, mentor and train individuals committed to supporting and guiding the people around them. A space created, built and used by me that has a distinct and supportive energy frequency.  It supports me and my work to the same degree that it supports those who come. It’s beautiful.

Books and novels are my passion. I love to write. My books are a personal exploration of experience and information that is ready and willing to be told and heard. They are fun and exciting to write, and the joy of being able to share those experiences  is huge.

Again, all these topics are expanded on in the video. And don’t forget that we have a huge library of tools and articles at ineliabenz.com that support you in your personal journey if you are not yet in a place from where you can support us back.

Hugs, joylightlove and much gratitude!

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