Whenever individuals would ask me about December 2012, that was my favorite response.  I would say, “we are all going to die.  Every person on the planet is going to die. But not at the same time.  Some die today, now, as we speak, some in an hour, some tomorrow, some in a week, some in a year, some in 90 years… and so on. But every person on the planet is going to die.  Just not at the same time.”

And that was not quite accurate, because it was really our physical bodies that were dying at various times from the present time to decades in the future. Not ourselves.

However, when I say that sentence now, the “we are all going to die” sentence, it no longer resonates.  It appears that our physical bodies are the ones making the shift in physical existence from the 3D, where in the past it needed to die in order to be recreated, or shift awareness to a more subtle dimension, to a reality where we can help it become more subtle without dying.

A lot of people talk about moving into the 4th or 5th dimension during this transition.  What that means is basically that our physical experience is presently transitioning from a seemingly very solid, “unchangeable”, stuck physical experience, to a more fluid, pliable, empowered experience. As our physical bodies are reflective of our personal experience here, the “soul’s” or “spirit’s” experience, and our physical reality becomes more fluid, so are our physical bodies becoming more fluid.

What does this mean? It means that we have the chance to see if indeed we will be able to keep our physical bodies in a more fluid and pliable form.  Allowing the body to transition between dimensions without having to disintegrate and reform itself via birth and death.

So, basically “we” never die. Ever. Our bodies have been dying in linear time since linear time began.  And, it appears that soon that will no longer be necessary either.  We will be able to make our bodies as subtle or solid as we want, while experiencing a physical reality existence.

How do we do it? We raise our personal vibrational level, the higher it is, the more subtle, empowered and pliable our physical bodies, and environment, becomes.  Do the Fear Processing Exercise and the other Tools in the vibrational Tools section of the site, do the Ascension101 Course, read the articles here, listen to the interviews, watch the videos. All these are here to provide forms, ways, and information that will facilitate your personal transition into empowerment.  If they don’t resonate with you, keep searching! There are thousands of pages out there, and books, that have tools that raise your personal vibrational level. Or create your own.  But don’t wait! Start rising your vibration today.

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