We are human.

Often I will talk about “when I feel something in my human form” or “I experienced that in human”, or “that person can really speak human.”

When I express myself in this manner, it seems to give the impression that I am not human. Or that the listener is not human.

Often people will tell me what planet or vibrational dimension they are from. Often they ask which one I am from.

We are here to experience life as Humans because at this moment, this present time, we are human. It doesn’t matter where we came from, what planet we identify with, what vibrational family we are working with. The most important job you have to do, is BE HUMAN NOW.

But what does it mean to be human?
Does it mean to delve into Drama? Suffering? War? Love affairs? Lamborghinis?

Well…. Yes, and No.

We do need to experience those things and have been doing so for many lifetimes, or one lifetime. However, the true experience of being human lies in becoming complete present. Coming to present time and sensing with all our human senses right NOW. Observe, experience, feel.

Ascension simply is becoming all that you are right now. This integrates your humanity and all your other -“tys”.

Trace back to where you feel at home. That is the place you exist from as a human being. Experiencing being human NOW.

Human is the physical human body, incarnated by an eternal divine soul/spirit. It doesn’t matter where the spirit evolved, or was before it incarnated on Earth.

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