What I learned about Health is shocking

If you are like me, a lightworker, then your and others’ health is super important to you.

Why is that?

We care how people are doing. We want them to do well. We want them to be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy and strong.

I come from three ancient healing lineages, but in my life I have very much rejected these lineages as much as I could.


Because what I learned about people’s health shocked me.

When I was 12 years old, my mother saw that I could “heal people” and started bringing people around to be healed. These people were not just physically sick, but also emotionally and mentally sick.

I was too young to be doing that work, and soon stopped. But before I stopped and due to the many people that had come around, I started to see patterns.

I love to see how things work, and patterns fascinate me. 

The thing that I saw that shocked me was that it didn’t matter what the person said, that they wanted to heal, for example, if their higher-self or their programs said no, and we healed them anyway, they soon came back with another ailment that was just as serious as the first.

So, it occurred to me at the time that health issues were symptoms of something else happening to the person. This was a revelation to me, but not shocking. Just new and interesting. What was shocking was something completely different.

What WAS shocking to me was that most of these people had no idea what was causing their ailments, and had no intentions of finding out!

It didn’t matter how much information I gave them, they did not hear it.

And I gave up.

I didn’t give up on them, I gave up on trying to heal the world.

What I realized was that what we are doing here as lightworkers wasn’t about “healing the world” but EMPOWERING the world to become aware enough to see what was actually happening in their lives.


So yeah. Health is our natural state. When we get sick, our “condition” is a symptom of something which is dissonant in our lives. Our bodies need support and we need the information to support them. 

That information comes when we expand our awareness.

So, let’s do that!

Inelia Benz

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