What makes your heart sing?

We are living through hard and trying times.

I’ve heard this my entire life, and even my grandparents and great-grandparents used to say this. However, I think, and I am betting you agree with me, in that it really is true right now.

Why? Because we are going through a Split.

Splitting the human collective is not easy for anyone. And as lightworkers we are a sensitive bunch (to say the least), and get highly affected by frequencies and energies floating and traveling around the Earth. 

Thoughts that make your heart sing

That’s why it is very, very important that you find things that make your heart sing.


Think of items, people, sounds, music, activities, locations that make your heart sing and spend time there. Literally, not just in your imagination.

But if you cannot reach it right now, then go to your happy place in your imagination. Daydream yourself there.

Remind yourself to do that regularly during the day, and be persistent.

It is so easy to fall by the wayside and get crushed to pieces with all the tension, technology and hivemind programming and expression that those who chose the light/dark paradigm are propagating that you have to take extra measures to stay sane.

If all else fails, we have our emergency tool kit here.

Stay bright like a diamond!

Inelia Benz

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