When bad things happen. Is it our “fault”?

We have all gone through hardship in our lives. Sometimes it has been so bad that it may seem unbearable. The last thing we need to hear is that it somehow is our “fault” through “karma”.  Also, the fact that in Oneness there is no judgment, is often translated by someone that they can witness a child being molested and do nothing about it, because in Oneness there is no judgment on the event. Or that we should accept destructive and negative people in our lives because to judge is bad.


Sorry, but the above beliefs are superficial understandings of both karma and Oneness. If something bad has happened to you, recently or in the past, then it is not your “fault”. Nor is it something you are responsible for (response-able).  If you had been able to respond to it, then you would not have suffered so much over it, or still be suffering because of it. And that is the whole point of the karma thing.

Karma is not “fault” or payback. Karma are simply patterns we are stuck inside, programmings. If we are programmed, whether by experiences, upbringing and cultural beliefs in this lifetime or others, in a certain pattern, for example always getting romantically attached to abusive alcoholics, then that becomes part of our vibrational signature. It is ingrained in us and is part of our reality.

If no one out there saw that pattern as something negative, because there is no judgment, or because it is our “fault” due to karma, or that we “created our own reality”, then it would continue to exist. Or, if that is all they could say, then we not only continue in the pattern, but also feel guilty and bad about it being our own making. And that is the point. We cannot be “response-able” when we are stuck in a programmed pattern. We need help to get out of the programming. We need someone, or something, to help us shift our awareness out of that pattern and make us able to respond to it in a constructive manner. Once we are out of the pattern, we are able to respond in a more positive manner.  We are able to help ourselves.

So, if a child is being molested, help that child!  And get the authorities on the perpetrator. DO SOMETHING. Painful patterns, those that cause suffering, only trap the person in fear and guilt. They do nothing for Spiritual Growth.

This belief, the “fault” belief, also goes into the other extreme.  When a victim blames the other person or situation, for their suffering.  Of course the other person, or situation cause the suffering, but staying stuck in the suffering because another person or situation made it happen is self defeating.  Holding on to suffering without an effort to move out of it, is a huge spiritual trap. It invalidates our power and keeps us at a low vibrational signature.

When bad things happen to good people we often wonder why. Gandhi was shot in cold blood. Jesus was crucified. These things happened to stop their work. Not to save humanity. It was not their choice. And, seeing as they were not able to respond to it, they were not responsible for it.

Reality check… we can only “create our reality” when we take charge of our own game.  When we learn the rules of the game and can take our power back from those who keep us asleep and as pawns in their games.

Will this stop us experiencing pain? No. But it is likely we will stop suffering. Oneness integrates joy and pain. It integrates all experience. But it empowers us, it gives us options, it gives us ways to respond to situations and people that will minimize the pain, suffering, and fear, and moves us back on track, back to our soul journey, back to our passions, missions and goals.

We are not playing the game of life on Earth in isolation but we can most certainly play a powerful game 😉

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