When Sex gets in the Way of Love

Note: I do want to point out that I cover this topic in great detail on Sex, Love and Soulmates Audio Course.

One of our main drives as human beings is to have sex with another person. This activity is exploited by the old paradigm to unfathomable extremes.

Most of us have no idea that when we engage in the sexual act, we are releasing huge amounts of energy. An energy that can be tapped into and used by others. Also an energy that fuels and feeds what we are thinking and feeling at the time.

A lot of men and women get more than a little confused when they find themselves in the middle of the sexual act and although they are stimulated and triggered to continue, feel disgust or thoughts that they really don’want to be doing that right there and then with that person worse so if the person in question is the one they are in love with.

Most of us are never told that when we are involved in a sexual relationship (even a one night stand) we are merging and exchanging at a mystical as well as physical level. If the other person is not in a good space, or has had previous sexual partners who left hooks in their body, we will engage with that energy too.

Growing up, most of us were under extreme pressure to lose our virginity and get to know what all the hype was about. Nowadays it’s even worse. Every single movie has sex scenes in them, books have them, and even commercials are continuously teetering on the edge of pornography.

Recently, there has been an explosion of TV shows about human evolution creating people with special gifts and they are littered with highly degraded sexual scenes.

Why is all this happening?

We don’t live in isolation. If we don’t take full awareness of the energy we are transmitting, especially when sexually stimulated or in the sexual act itself, and use that energy responsibly and consciously something else will take and use it. If the act itself, or our fantasies, are degraded, the energy will be tainted with low frequency vibrations. Huge transmissions of low frequency vibrations coming out of our physical bodies, energy fields and astral body.

When I say, ‘someone else will take it and use it’, it doesn’t necessarily mean a demon or astral low frequency creature will be laying on you as you have sex and suck up all that energy. Although that does happen with people who have huge open doors to be exploited (drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally ill people for example). Another way that this energy is taken and used is to lace it with low frequency energy with your own feelings and thoughts. When used this way, it feeds the old paradigm, the paradigm based on fear, victims, aggressors, saviors and martyrs. We are all connected via the human collective and all our strong emotions and powerful transmissions of feelings, thoughts and energy affect the human collective and what it creates moment to moment on the planet.

How is this accomplished?

Most of the sexual information we receive through the media or our religious education (through ‘love’ scenes, news, advertising, sermons and books etc) are low frequencies that feed enslavement, violence, abuse of others, betrayal, guilt, feelings of being dirty, rejection, unworthiness, feeling of ‘wanting’ to be degraded or to degrade others in short, all feelings of being less than we truly are. All frequencies that feed the old paradigm.

By the time we reach the age of consent, most of us have already been exposed to deep low frequency programing about what sex is all about.’  As well as what love is all about.

Many kids are brought up by our culture to have such a low self-worth level that they will ‘fall in love’ or want to have sex with anyone, and I mean anyone, who will show any type of interest in them. And that program is now rampant among adults too. It’s almost like people think that if someone shows him or her interest, the person showing the interest or giving them attention is doing so ONLY because they want to have sex or have a sexual relationship with him or her.

Books like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, a book notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism (BDSM) are being bought and read by young pre-teens. A whole generation of mostly girls being programmed that sex is about being enslaved.

How does all this get in the way of Love, and what can we do about it?

When we put love and sex together in the same sentence, we often think about romantic love (our relationships with others that involves having sex with them).’  And although what I am about to write about does indeed have to do with our sexual relationships, mostly and mainly it has to do with the expression of us as the New Paradigm.

First of all, how does this get in the way of Love? It is very simple. You are the expression of pure, unconditional divine love. You are LOVE. One of the main drives your physical body has is to procreate (have sex). And one of the main drives you as a soul being have is to connect. Connect with others and with your core/higher self. You came to this planet to express core energy, your true self. If you became programmed and polluted with low frequency energies, the expression of who and what you really are got damaged or stopped, and thus the expression of energy and feelings during sex (and romantic love) is laced with low frequency vibrations that feeds the old paradigm.

What can we do about it? Well we can start by educating ourselves about what sex, love and romantic relationships are really about. And yes, I do have a whole audio course about that.

We can also start looking at the low frequency feelings and thoughts we have around sex and our own expression of sex, and process those. The audio course and the processing will be a way to deprogram yourself from low frequency and damaging items, and reprogramming yourself to be fully expressive in your true energy.

What if you like a bit of bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism (BDSM)? Well, here’s the curious bit about this. If you love that type of sexual experience, by deprogramming the guilt, fear and other low frequency thoughts and feelings you have about the fact that you like those experiences, or have had them, or want to have them, or are in the act of having them, clears up your ability to engage in these expressions of sex without feeding the old paradigm with low frequency fuel. The difference is subtle but has big consequences, and it’s simply described as ‘conscious choice’. Rather than be driven by unconscious programs, you are able to respond with conscious awareness. You might also find that you no longer desire those sexual experiences anymore. Either way, you will no longer be judging yourself (or others) and you will be free to express yourself at a high frequency vibrational level during the act that transmits your thoughts, feelings and emotions the loudest.

Don’t wait for the New Paradigm because it’s not a location in time or space. You can either embody the New Paradigm (make it real on Earth through your high frequency vibrational expression), or embody the old paradigm through low frequency programs and beliefs.

You know which one I would prefer you to do :).

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