When the Land Rejects you – Connection Ceremony gone wrong.

At the Olympic Peninsula, we have been getting ready to deliver a workshop that teaches individuals and groups how to make a deep, informative and harmonizing connection with a parcel of land. Through the process of teaching the team of Mystics who are going to deliver this workshop, I found out that there are various aspects of connecting with land that are not known by the general population.

For example, when we think we are going to connect with a parcel of land, we think we are connecting directly with Gaia. However, this is not an automatic thing. We can connect with Gaia at any time, anywhere. We don’t even have to be in nature to connect with Gaia. 

Connecting with a parcel of land means we connect with the given identity of that parcel.  Nature naturally parcels land. We can clearly see it by the types of plants and animals that live in different areas of the known world. However, these parcels are usually enormous.

The parcels that are delineated by people, especially through ownership, are also distinct to the parcels around them. No matter how big or small the human created parcel is, it is still very distinct to the rest of the land. If a person makes a distinct area within their parcel, then this smaller area will develop its own identity. 

Now, to clarify, this does not mean that the smaller piece within the larger parcel, or the larger parcel within Earth are disconnected and independent from each other. All it means is that each parcel has its own identity and sentient entities living within it. And thus, we can connect with those parcels independently than we do from the entire continent or Gaia.

One of the curious things about this aspect of land, is how responsive the land and parcels are to being delineated by human beings. I didn’t know this until I was in my late 20s.

My father told me he would give me a ranch that had been left to him by his father, if I moved back to Chile. This happened in the year 1997. We sold our home in Ireland, where I lived at the time with my first husband and three young children, and moved to Chile.

Once we got there, my father told us that he had demolished the house at the ranch because of squatters, and that if I wanted the land, I had to buy it from him. 

Having sold everything in Ireland, and having nowhere else to go, my aunt, his sister, told us we could live with her in the old colonial family home. We used some of the money to repair one of the wings and moved in. We also bought the ranch from my father.

After we bought the ranch, I went over and did the connecting with the land protocol and ceremony that I had learned from my father’s family. Shockingly, the land told me in no uncertain terms that it did not want me or my family there. That it wanted my father and that it would do everything to disrupt our projects there. 

My plan was to rebuild the ranch and move to the land anyway. I had thought of starting a retreat center on it. The next two years were fraught with difficulties. The main issue being the inability to generate any type of healthy harmonization with the Ranch. Everything I tried was blocked by the land in one way or another. Eventually, we gave up, packed up and returned to Europe. My last contact with the ranch was that if it didn’t start to support me, as its owner, I would sell it to the gravel company next door and they would turn it into a carpark. It told me it would rather be a carpark than a retreat center or anything really to do with me.

At some point, during those two years in Chile, I started thinking that it was Gaia that was rejecting me and my family from being on that land. To truth this out, I visited other land in the region that was partly owned by me through inheritance. That’s when I discovered that each parcel had its own personality and desires for expression. Some of the parcels begged me to move in, while others didn’t mind what happened to them. The great majority wanted to know how they could support me and my family.  I didn’t want to use those agreeable lands, however, because even though the land was very willing, the ownership was not solidified as multiple inheritors had a claim to it. It was a legal mess which would have cost a fortune to sort out.

Within a year after I left Chile, the company next door offered me ten times the value of the ranch to buy it. A realtor called me about the land, and I told her the minimum price I would accept was ten times the market value. On her next call, she had a formal offer from the neighbors.  I tapped into the ranch and it was jumping for joy. I promptly sold it. It was then that I discovered that although my father had asked a full market price for the ranch from me, he had never actually wanted to sell the ranch to me. He never thought I would actually complete the transaction, and just was using the ranch as bait to get me there. He still “owned” the ranch at an energetic level. As we were family, even though it was legally transferred to me, he never actually transferred ownership to me at an energetic level. As his daughter, he felt that he owned me, and therefore the ranch also. The ranch still responded to him as its true owner. It says a lot as to how my father felt about me. He later told me himself that he did not want me moving to the ranch and had been doing everything possible to stop me from doing so. To this day I don’t know why.

Back in Europe, I continued tapping into parcels of land and homes that I visited and discovered that each parcel of land resonated at the same frequency as its owners. It amplified their frequency. It also amplified any type of energy or issue the owners were carrying. Often, I would use the information from the land to discern whether to stay connected or make friends with a person or not.

Ironically, the land connection and harmonizing ceremony and protocol I use, I learned from my aunt, my father’s sister, who learned it from their father, who learned it from his father, my great-grandfather. This man was a formal alchemist and magician from Spain. It has evolved and become more effective through generations of evolution. This is the protocol and ceremony that will be taught by Access Gaia in April 2024.  It clearly doesn’t make land yours, but it does give you that data you need to decide how to engage with particular parcels.  While my intent with my father’s land was to live there and build, it wasn’t having it, yet, it certainly was willing to be sold for 10x its value, so working with it was functionally successful while fighting it wasn’t.   

The fact that land is responsive to our human borders indicates a deep and ancient connection between us, humans, and the land. As lightworkers, it is time for us to relearn the skills to consciously connect with our own land and start working with it. Allowing it to amplify our own best intentions, love, and high frequency.  That is why I am teaching land connection protocols. We have the skill set and tools to naturally do this work. We have the mission and purpose to be the light. It is just a matter of learning and applying the protocol and ceremony around it, and having the capacity to interpret the data we receive in an accurate and useful way. It is time to power up.

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