When your body says “NO” and your soul says “YES”.

On the Second Hour of Driving To The Rez episode “See Me, Don’t See Me”, a really good point was made by one of our panelists, Iliana Rojero. The point was that sometimes we are all set to do something, in her case do a public talk, and our body starts to fill us with fear. Basically, our body is telling us not to do the thing we planned to do.

In these situations, who is right? Do we listen to what we want to do, as a soul, or do we listen to the body and stop doing what it doesn’t want to do?

Sometimes the situation is reversed. Our body wants to do something and we, as a soul, don’t want to.

I have seen in many people that the biggest issues in their lives come from the conflicting information, or desires, of body and soul. 

What I have also seen is that by simply becoming aware that this can happen, the conflict often dissipates. The issue is still there, the body wanting one thing and the soul another, but the battle of who wins goes away.

In many of my exercises I teach that we need to scan the body and listen to the body. That our body has a lot of information that we don’t have. And this works, when we are working at a conscious level and listening and feeling the vibrations our body gives us and shows us using the emotional, energy and mental bodies.

But when we are not aware that a lot of those emotions, thoughts, feelings and vibrations, that our bodies are using to give us information, can come straight from limiting or low-frequency programs or influences, things can go terribly wrong for us.

For example, when my youngest son, Brett, was 4 years old, I kept having nightmares where he was drowning. My interpretation of those nightmares was that I needed to take him to swimming lessons.

However, when I arrived at the swimming pool, the instructors told me to hand him over and walk away. That no matter how much he screamed, I was not to talk to him, come over to him or comfort him in any way.

This went against everything that was natural to me. It went against everything that is natural to a mother and child.

I walked to the edge of the pool, and handed him to the instructor in the water. Brett saw me step away from the edge and started screaming so loud it silenced all other noises in the large pool.

The main instructor took me by the arm and said, “mom, you need to step away. You can go inside the clubhouse or sit at the other end of the pool where he cannot see you. But you cannot stay here or take him out of the pool. This skill might save his life one day and he needs it.”

Against all my body’s messages, which were to grab my little boy and run out of there, I walked away. One of the assistant instructors walked me to the clubhouse, sat me down and handed me a glass of water. “Come out in 15 minutes and watch from a distance. But don’t let him see you.” She said. I nodded and swallowed my cries, trying to drink some water.

After 15 minutes I stepped out and looked over at the pool. Brett was laughing and playing with the instructor in the water, other little boys and girls doing the same with their instructors. He was then told to hold on to the edge of the pool and kick his feet, which he did.

I took a deep breath, walked to the other side of the pool, taking the tree lined path so that he wouldn’t see me, and watched him until the lesson was over. Two months later, I proudly held him as he received his first grade in swimming skills.

This is but one example of how our bodies and our souls can give us completely different information of what needs to be done. Our job is to be able to discern which one will bring about the highest-frequency result.

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