Who did this? Conscious Manifestation

Who coined the term “conscious manifestation”? 

I have been using this term since 2013. But, there are a ton of people out there who claim to have coined the term.

Of course they didn’t! Nor did I, for that matter.

This is one of those terms that comes into our awareness because WE are ready to integrate it into our lives. Period.

So, are you ready to integrate conscious manifestation into your life?

I would say you are. And maybe you have been for quite some time. If you are a student of my work, then you have been doing so for years.

Definition of Conscious Manifestation:

  • The understanding that you are in a co-created reality that is created from moment to moment. That the creation of this reality is dependent on you and everyone else on the planet. 
  • That your experience of this reality is UNIQUE to you and wholly dependent on your decision making.
  • That your decision making is mostly unconscious and program based.
  • That when you become conscious of your programs you can make choices out of your own awareness and not programs. 
  • That Inelia Benz (me) teaches how you can do this on a day-to-day basis.


You got this.

Inelia Benz

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