Who is waiting for us?

While using the video “Reconnect to your highest frequency” during my work on some power objects that support the owner in their ascension process, I saw a vision.

The vision was that of a group of people, all extremely high-frequency, all looking at us from a gap in the light/dark paradigm matrix.

I felt into this group and the energy was incredible. It was an energy of pure love, light and joy.

It was a momentous occasion that seemed to last an eternity and back again.

After calming down a bit, I became curious and wanted to know, who are these people?

Shock and surprise, it was us! It was us when we step out of the chicken scratches and low-frequency engagements, out of linear time and limitations.

I was like … holy smokes!!!!! I realized in that instant that what we are doing here, actively using the tools and embodying the high-frequency paradigm, is ACTUALLY WORKING NOW.

When we do embody our true frequency, the change is instant, and the effect also. And, as a group (we were billions by the way), we are powerful.

We are not just powerful, but we are also unaffected by others’ low-frequency engagements and choices, we are wise, we are able, capable, creative, inspired and inspiring, we are the freaking bees knees!!

I had to share this with you right away.  We are doing this!!

Inelia Benz

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