Who’s Reality are You In? 7 Steps to make sure it’s yours.

In the Driving To The Rez podcast of August 22, 2022, we talked about “Our Prime Purpose”, how we are here as high-frequency beings (we who are reading this) to express our true frequency in this world and have that frequency reflected back to us in the form of high-frequency experiences in the physical universe. 

Here are three questions I have to ask: 

  1. If the physical universe is not presently reflecting back high-frequency experiences to us, then what exactly is it doing?
  2. Is it reflecting anything of ours at all, or are we the pawns in someone else’s reflection of their frequency and conscious choices?
  3. And if so, how do we get out of being a pawn and step into being the true creator of our own reality?

Here is the seven step guide that answers question number three. Because, actually, yes most people on Earth are presently just pawns. We are awake and aware, but we still feed the beast every now and then. Let’s make sure to stop doing that and start creating WHAT WE ARE HERE to create instead:

  1. Become aware of what’s happening.
    Realize that for the majority of your life, with mostly subconscious agreements, others have used you as a pawn to create energy that feeds low-frequency experiences through filtering your perceptions, emotions and choices via limiting and corrupted reaction-programs. Stress, for example, is not natural. Have you ever felt stress? Yup, that’s you reacting at a pawn level. As we see this, we have the power to stop it.
  2. Become aware that we use our minds and emotions (which are being controlled by those programs) to make moment to moment decisions.
    It is what controls our perception of the world and reality and convinces us that low-frequency is “normal”. Back to the stress example, were you taught that it’s normal to feel stress even though when you first felt it you KNEW there was something “off” about it?
  3. Our programmed perception is constantly fed.
    It is fed by a never ending stream of low-frequency inputs in the form of data, information, energy, visuals, sounds, food, drink, substances and chemicals. Yup, stress is thrown in our faces in every single movie, newscast, facebook feed and book promoted by the mainstream media.
  4. We step from reaction to response.
    After we realize that perception is programmed by inputs in our minds and emotions, we stop reacting and start responding. We no longer allow others to dictate how we think and feel about the world, moment to moment. We no longer engage in, and feed that low-frequency programmed perception of “reality”. We start being diligent and start perceiving how we program ourselves. We realize, for example, how in every single movie and show we have watched in the last ten years, people deal with stress by drinking alcohol. It comes in so fast and in so many ways, that we may think it’s true. We may think that alcohol is good, reduces stress and helps in life. Well, guess what? It is not. It makes things much, much worse. 
  5. We take back control.
    We do that by taking control of our ingestion of data, and stepping into conscious response. Data comes in, in many forms. From the food, drink and air we bring into our bodies, to the emotions, data and information we ingest with our eyes, ears ,and emotional and energy bodies. We become aware of what we are allowing in, into our lives, stop allowing low-frequency items in, and start searching for and feeding ourselves with high-frequency items only. And when that stress data comes in and it triggers inside us, we use the “Fear Processing Exercise” on it, instead of keeping it by taking drugs or alcohol, or having sleepless nights.
  6. We stop reacting in low-frequency ways while interacting with ourselves or others.
    We instead focus on and feed high-frequency interactions, emotions, thoughts and projects. Because we are in a split, invitations to low-frequency reactions will still come, but we simply say NO. When we feel low-frequency thoughts and emotions, we can simply ask ourselves, “does this person/situation control how I feel right now, or am I choosing to feel this way?” “Who is in control right now?”
  7. We step into WHO WE REALLY ARE.
    We REALIZE we are high-frequency beings who were born on Earth at this time not to pretend to be victim or aggressors, to step all over others or be stepped on by others, but instead to express our true frequency at all times, and ALLOW the human collective and the Universe to reflect that true frequency back to us in the form of experiences, life, reality, every second of our lives from this day forth. The energy of allowance here is key. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and for a few seconds or minutes, simply allow the Universe to reflect back to you, your highest and most pure frequency. The frequency that is at the core of your being, the one untouched by programs of low frequency experiences.


We got this. Make sure to share this article and the 7 steps with the world, print it out and post it at your local store 🙂

Inelia Benz

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