Why being physically fit is so important during Spiritual Ascension

The physical body is the most important expression of our existence on Earth.  It is our greatest ally and greatest tool. Without a physical body we do not exist on Earth.

The physical body is ESSENTIAL in Spiritual Ascension work.  And thus should be placed as the first thing to address when we are embarking on our Ascension.

What does this mean?  First, we need to detoxify the body to the best of our ability.  This means, less sugar, caffeine and other stimulants, minimize food additives and processed ingredients, hormones, antibiotics (anti life), recreational drugs, and medications.  Add plenty of fresh air, fresh water, sunlight, exercise every day for at least 20 minutes, lots of chemical free protein and fresh vegetables and fruit.

Next, reconnecting with our body.

When is the last time you felt your body, reached for it, without judgment or mental commentary?  Do it now.  Simply reach and feel your body. If any judgment or mental commentary comes up, release it. It comes up to be released.  Then return to feeling your body, how does it feel? Let it express itself to you, let energies and feelings grow and expand as far as they can go. Observe and allow.

What is it’s vibrational signature right now? Send it love, or light, and make it your will that you are going to reconnect with your body 100%

Aim to feel at home, safe, comfortable, happy and satisfied in your body.  It is as much part of you as is your mind, feelings, ego, and spirit.

If you have a medical condition or are very unfit or overweight, consult your regular doctor, or alternative practitioner, before making any physical lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise or medications.

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