Why do we do what we do?

Dear Visitor,

As we get busy with our daily lives we sometimes lose sight of our motivation. We forget the “why” behind our actions.

For me the “why” has always been clear. I do what I do because I want you to empower yourself. I want to remind you that you are a powerful divine being, that you are your own ultimate authority, and that you can become the conscious creator of your reality and the master of you life.

The websites that I’ve put together are packed with information about the journey of self-empowerment, with plenty of examples from my own personal life. The tools that I’ve created have always had self-empowerment at their core. I am not in the business of being a saviour, I am in the business of reminding you that you are a master, of reminding those around me that they don’t really need saving, to assist them step out of the victim-saviour paradigm, to move from unconscious creation to a conscious “response-able” manifestation of their reality.

The books that I wrote are meant to create more flexibility, to disseminate the message that we are not “stuck”, that we can change our mind at any time, that we can create different things, and that reality is much more malleable than it looks.

My greatest joy is when I hear back from those of you who choose to to apply the tools and have turned your lives around and really took charge of your reality and destiny. Those who have become empowered now know they can help themselves and they become an inspiration for me and others around them.

With that in mind, let me tell you what we have been up to.

A lot of the action happens at the Walk With Me Now platform. The resources, tools, information and interesting discussion there have grown considerably. Starting next year we plan to raise the price for new subscriptions, so if you want to join at the present price, during December 2015 you can still benefit from the initial 2014 launch price.

Next, as you are probably aware, is my December event: Gathering at the Beginning of the World. We have 6 seats left. If you cannot come, the other best option is to receive the Virtual Retreat which will give you access to the recording and the live stream. (Live stream will be weather dependent).

I am also recording a new powerful MP3 about: “Death and manifestation”. It is almost done!

And I am writing a new book: “Interview with an Angel” (there are some previews of it on WalkWithMeNow) and preparing the launch of the second edition of a book I wrote a few years back called: “Are you a witch?“.

Amidst this “busyness” I of course take time to smell the roses, connect with my friends and loved ones and enjoy life, the world and everything :).

See you in a few weeks at my event and I hope to also get to know you better on WalkWithMeNow.com.

In joylightlove,

– Inelia

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