Why do we get sick?

Note: this is NOT medical advice. For medical advice go to your doctor.

When we get sick during our ascension work, and I mean actively working on our Spiritual Growth, sickness is always a red flag.  It is caused by a block of energy in one of our bodies.  Our bodies are the physical body, emotional body, spiritual body, and ego body. And the main block is usually caused by fear.

It could be fear of failure, fear to see what is really going on, fear of our power, fear of becoming vulnerable, fear of being rejected, and more.
The way to work with the sickness and identify the block is to, firstly, locate it.

So, for example, if our stomach is the troubling issue, that’s our solar plexus, the center of power and exposure to society.  It can also mean that we can’t stomach something that is going on.If our eyes are troubling us, it’s usually because there is something we don’t want to see about our life or someone close to us. Chest, has to do with our Heart Center and love and nurturing issues.Legs and feet have to do with stepping out into the world, or stepping into our independence.Urinary and sexual organ illnesses have to so with your connection to the world, sex and creativity.Throat and mouth, our communication is blocked, we need to say something and we haven’t, or we are simply suppressing our voice. Head issues, migraines, head injuries, head colds, have to do with our spirit connection (higher self/divine/God/Oneness) to our present existence in a body… in other words, with our incarnation.  And we need to be fully incarnated to do Ascension work.

You get the idea.

All the above will probably have something to do with fear.  Other things will also block us, such as cultural conditioning, judgment and peer pressure.  And during our Ascension work, it can come up for two reasons, one is that it is an area we need to address next, or it is an area that we have addressed and decided to unblock so all the negativity comes up to be released.

In order to heal, we have to understand that the process of illness is a release that will solve the problem that came up in the first place.  We go into the pain, discomfort, or troubling area, we breathe into it, relax, breathe out, and allow it to exist and then release it.  If we clear our minds, we may receive input from the area as to why we are sick.  Then we can do something about it.

All negative emotions, visions, memories or feelings come up so we can release them.  Then we concentrate on how we want to feel. Basically, we shift our vibration, into a positive one. Now, I personally have a very, very low pain threshold, so I know how difficult this part is.  But it is essential to swap the negative vibration of pain and discomfort, to one of well-being and comfort.  A good way to do this is through visualizing oneself well and doing something we love, then stepping into that vision and into the vibration of ourselves well and enjoying ourselves.

Remember, sickness is a red flag. The red flag has to be taken notice of. If we don’t, then the sickness will return in the same or similar manner.

Of course, we also get medical and/or alternative treatment if necessary.

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