Why does the Human Collective not deliver what I want??

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, your deepest desires are simply not being met by the human collective, Gaia, God, Jesus, Mary, Mohamed, Buddha, Saints, Angels… (Add your wishing store keeper here).

I was looking at this the other day. The number of things and times I have wanted something that didn’t get delivered. And my pursuit of it, getting me into all sorts of trouble. And what for? I still don’t know.

For example, as a teen girl, I really, really really wanted a boyfriend. It was mad how much I wanted a boyfriend. But… none of the boys I fancied would go out with me. Not even if I asked them! That was crazy.

I didn’t know what the hell was happening. Surely, all the fairy stories had to be true, an amazing, brave, handsome, intelligent, capable and able guy would exist, fancy me and ask me out.

But, no. That didn’t happen.

Eventually, I gave the co-creators of the Universe an ultimatum. I would go out with the first random guy I would meet the next day, so they better deliver a really good one.

But instead of a nice, wonderful man, I got an attractive troll. 

Yup, a real live, nasty, horrid darkworker troll. Of course he didn’t look like a troll, nor did he act mean and nasty at first.

That relationship took me out of commission for 20 years.No kidding. 

Do you want to know where I went wrong? What happened that changed my life for the worse so dramatically at age 18?

I decided to stop thinking in terms of “does this support my highest and prime purpose in life?” and instead I decided that the single highest priority was having a boyfriend tomorrow. That was it! Just that.  So why THIS time the universe delivered when so many other times it had not is a great subject for another article. Let’s just say for now that ‘it’s not complicated’….

I then found out that hell is what a LOT of people experience in life. And that didn’t make any sense to me at all. It probably doesn’t make any sense to you either. And those not going through hell, are probably going through a lot of stress, doubt and having difficulties. 

So I thought I better make some tools to fix that. After all, my prime purpose for being  here is to raise the frequency level of the planet, and that’s done when people become aware of and remove the low frequencies and perceptions from themselves that make their world a living hell.  Once this is begun, they start to experience and express their true frequency instead.

In other words, by removing low frequencies and perceptions, the person starts experiencing and expressing their true frequency and will start getting that frequency reflected back to them instead of the hell they were living in.

I tested my theory and it worked!

I was like, o m g. It’s so easy!   

OK, now you know how the mechanics of the Universe work. But even though we may know the mechanics, most people don’t know how to make it work for them. So here is a super effective method you can use to make those mechanics start turning in your direction:

  1. Start with a few seconds a day, and increase the times you do this exercise per day.
  2. Take a deep breath and feel into your frequency, really, really feel your core essential self. The purest form of your frequency.
  3. Tell yourself and your body that this is you. This is your frequency.
  4. Now, take a few more deep breaths and as you do so, repeat:

“I allow the human collective co-creation, Gaia and the Universe, to reflect back to me this frequency in the form of my physical life experiences on Earth.”

That’s it. And you know what? You also have to stop thinking that the desires you have for experiences that you learned from others are your prime purpose. They are not. They are just secondary interests.


Inelia Benz

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