Why I am Stepping Out of the Public Arena in 2017.

My name is Inelia Benz, and in 2010 I was asked by Source / Gaia / the human collective / the Planetary Council,  to go public. At the time I didn’t know what this meant exactly, and the instructions were to simply “be myself” at a public level. To become “known” to people around the world. To “deliver the message of empowerment to the masses”.

Before this, I was writing books, mentoring individuals and supporting public figures and lightworkers, in their work to wake up and support the human collective. But, my name was kept small, my photo never shared, and I most certainly never did events or interviews.  I was not available to the public to answer their questions, the public didn’t even know I existed. For me, an author was irrelevant. To me, when I read a good book, for example, it was the message that was important and the name of the author often eluded me.  So, my work and books were what I felt was important, but my name, or being seen or being public, was not. In that equation my person or whether I was seen or not, was irrelevant.  At the time, my books did sell very well and did give a lot of tools and information for people to use, but it was literally impossible for anyone to be able to contact me in person and most people didn’t even know my name or that I was a woman.

As a very private and solitary individual, the request to become publicly known didn’t really appeal to me one bit. I stated that this was not something that I felt comfortable with, or wanted, so my initial answer was, “no, find someone else.” Plus, why was it in any way interesting or important to show my face or tell people my name? I couldn’t understand it although I had always felt that the day might come when I would have to step into that role.

I was told that people relate to real people, and that I was a real person. That relating to and mapping to a real person was more effective than a faceless book or meditation.

This made sense to me, but I still felt it was way too uncomfortable and unpleasant a thing for me to do for the rest of my life. I was told that it didn’t have to be a permanent thing, that I could do it for just a short while. We looked at numbers of years, and I found that the furthest I could do was 2017.

I was comfortable with that date, and in my mind, this would be when I retired.  At the time it felt that it was also a point of exit.  Not sure why that date resonated, I hoped very much that by 2017 the shift to the new paradigm would be complete and I would be out of a job.

That last thought is a good thought!

As we near 2017, people have asked me what I plan to do.  My life has changed dramatically since 2010, so now I don’t consider it to be an exit point (death).  I do, however, see my role will change.  Doing public events, answering people’s questions and delivering the message of empowerment will become someone else’s job. Many others probably!

Having worked with and interacted with many other public individuals, I can see and perceive that my message was delivered differently.  I have the good fortune not to carry many programs or importances, or a wish to evolve or become “the best” in any way. So, the message didn’t become “unique” or “superior” or “the only solution” and it wasn’t hard for me to stay clear of my message, or myself, becoming “important”.  Other speakers and teachers have discussed with me their huge inner struggles to stay in integrity and not fall into ego or fear.

Many public speakers and teachers will also report enormous conflict and suffering when they become public due to the huge resistance and attacks they receive (yes, this is true, it happens and it also happened to me).  The attacks didn’t affect me in any significant way.  Yes, they upset me for a few days, particularly when they came from people I thought were friends, but that soon passed and I carried on regardless. But I have watched and seen the suffering and disabling this has cause in other teachers and speakers and I am amazed at their tenacity and capacity to continue on even with the huge effect this has in their personal and public life.

Death threats and elimination attempts came and went, and those too were not taken personally by me. Knowing that the message will continue whether I am here or not, and that it has been actively delivered for hundreds if not thousands of years, kind of takes away importances or the falling in love with one’s words. But the fear of death or violence that might follow becoming public with one’s message is a huge disabling program which is infused deeply in the human species. And one might not think so, but the love, adoration and affection from the great majority of the people who hear the message can also become “important” or an ego trap.

Others have had a much tougher time of it than I have. Being public is not at all an easy thing to do or navigate. Fame is not nirvana. Not that I am famous (although the request was indeed at that level of exposure – I guess I didn’t quite achieve it and that’s OK with me).

So, what does that mean to you? Well, it means that I won’t be doing events or traveling to meet you around the world. It means I won’t be there to answer your questions or give you my opinion on what is happening to you or at a global level.  It means that I won’t be available or accessible to the degree I am now for your own path or empowerment journey.

It also means you will probably get a chance to read more of my books (as time is freed from public work, I will go back to writing full time). And also have access to paintings and photographs as I get the chance to do those again.

This last year, 2016, I am working hard to put out as much material, data, exercises and tools as possible so that they will be available to you for as long as they are needed. I am also working on a vlog that will document the transition, talk about the last 7 years and my personal journey from being invisible and private, to being public, accessible and visible to being private and inaccessible again (although I think still visible).  This work resonates to me in that it will give me an opportunity to look at and understand the last 7 years both at a personal level as well as a planetary level. And also, I feel, it will help all the individuals who are being called to be public and share their viewpoints and opinions, seeings and information to the larger public. I will also do my last public event which I hope will be the most amazing yet. The plan is that the event itself becomes a massive empowerment platform for everyone who attends, as well as the entire human collective. It’s going to be in Europe on July 23rd 2016.

What can you expect during 2016 and after my retirement?

Well, full time, (and after 2017 on a part time basis) if the staff and members decide to continue with it, you can find me and have one on one conversations with me at walkwithmennow.com.  This is a platform of empowerment based primarily on my work, but also enhanced and enriched by the members and their journeys of empowerment.  It is a place to explore new ideas, get and receive support during times of crisis or growth, and a place to share what we find and discover.

I will continue to champion the Global Ascension Center concept and project (being reflected and taken up by many people with many different names around the world). We are now in the process of purchasing and establishing the first GAC Hub, which will be an experience of its own!

I will also be creating the vlog and sharing my “other” work at ineliabenz.com.  This is basically going back to what I was doing before I ‘became public”. Writing full time, painting and taking photographs.

At Ascension101.com, you will find my novels and we also plan to start publishing other empowerment authors. The process of submission of work hasn’t been established yet, but keep tuned in as we will figure that out and will be calling on empowerment workers to submit their work for publication.

Whether my name and face fade into forgetfulness will have to be seen. The idea feels very comfortable for me.  I do know, however, that Gaia/Source/the planetary council, have other ideas and requests. Just like the “going public” one, I will review and consider each request fully before committing to them.

As to my private life, I plan to stay at the Makah Nation Reservation in Washington with my fiance Larry Buzzell for at least the next 30 years.  What I plan to do here is concentrate on my novels and photography. We also plan to establish a Shamanic Mystical school, which we have named “The Shamanshack” at the reservation. This is a place where a person can travel to and find the shaman within. We intend it to be a place where teachers and students can meet and share in the rich and varied shamanic streams of consciousness from around the world. A Native American reservation surrounded by untouched seas, rivers and a tribe which is actively reestablishing a healthy and natural connection with their land is, in my opinion, ideal for this project.

We also plan to spend a lot of time enjoying the oceans, rivers and land here. We have paddleboards, bikes and plan to use them a lot! Maybe even get a sailboat and explore that too.

At the end of the day, I have never fully understood the “need” for me to become public, or why I was requested to do so. And I may never understand it. But, it was a strong request and I did commit to it to the best of my ability.  Maybe in 30 years we will look back and understand it fully, or maybe it will be forever a strange and odd request that came and went. We will just have to wait and see.

As I tell many people who come to me and ask “why am I here?” I tell them, “to be”.  As we fully express ourselves, and fully embody who we are and what we enjoy to do on this planet, we literally transform the experience of the human collective here.

So… what do I plan to do for the next 30 years? I plan to BE here and express myself fully. Whether anyone is watching or not, has now become irrelevant.

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