Why You Might Want to Ascension101 Yourself this Spring

I have been in personal conversations, and public ones, with a LOT of individuals the past couple of months. And one thing has come very clear: Information Overload.

This Overload is not just about what we see, hear, read and perceive, but it is also energetic data and fields of energy which are very, very intense right now.

The Sun is “hyperactive”, our Earth is also going through some very interesting energy fluctuations, in fact the entire Solar System is doing so too.

We, as a species, and as individuals, are picking up on ALL of this. And it manifests as “there is too much information, too much stuff coming in”, the desire is to sit in stillness, quietness, and simply have some time to process it all, reach that inner place of balance and quietude where we can relax and breathe easily.

So, what do I mean when I say “Ascension101 Yourself”? And why this Spring?

It is VERY simple. It means redo the Ascension101 Course.  I know that many of us have done the course multiple times already, our copy a permanent resident on our MP3 players. And every time we do the course, something new comes up for us to use we hadn’t even heard the previous times.  This time it is a tool that will help us “tune” all our bodies (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic), into the new Song being played on this physical reality we call Earth, which is really ramping up this Equinox.  And this is the intent we can use while doing the Course, to Tune IN to Gaia, Sun, and the Universal Mind quality of vibration for this period in linear time.

If you have not yet purchased the Ascension101 Course, we are making it available at a discounted price so you can get it started for this Spring.

In April we will have a Free Ascension101 Follow-up Live Chat to everyone who has ever purchased this Course.  The purpose of this call it to walk through any barriers, blocks, and difficulties we may be having during this time of informational overload, and energetic reshuffling, especially the fallout from the Equinox buildup.

Why is this call going to be free and open only to those who purchased the Course? Because the Course covers our foundation, and this free call will step into the next level. Without the foundation, we cannot build a “house” as it were.  This period of linear time calls for us to take the next step. The step in fully, and consciously removing all programs that are not serving our intent, and building new programs that will serve Us and not another person’s, entity, or organization’s agenda.  The free call is the support you will receive to fully implement the information on the Course as it pertinent to what is happening RIGHT NOW.

Stepping into our POWER, and raising our vibration happens much easily and effortlessly when we are fully “tuned” and reconnected with our bodies and environment (including the waves of energy as they come in).

If you don’t have a copy but want to get started with the Ascension101 Course today, and join us on the Free Live Call in April, click here to get your Course: The Ascension101 Course with Inelia Benz.

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