Will I lose my identity when I go into Oneness?

No. When we consciously enter an awareness and experience as Oneness, because we live on Earth as individuals, we get to “observe” the entire experience as our present self.  After each Ascension experience, we are able to become ourselves more and more.  Our true voice comes out, we can live rich and full lives without the need for masks or trying to bend ourselves into shapes to fit into our, or other people’s, expectations of what we should be like.  We become truly free to be unique individual selves.  There is NO being in the entire universe who is identical to us. NONE. We are uniqueness and our identity is very precious.  We do not loose it.  Some individuals have reported loosing all sense of self at one point in their sessions, as though they went into nothingness, only to emerge into Oneness an becoming ALL.

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