Your Action IS Required: 2 million allies

I think it was May 2022 when I heard the request to increase our newsletter subscribers to 2.5 Billion people

Why? I asked myself.

Because the New Paradigm is about high-frequency connection. That’s the answer.

OK, why me? 

But the answer was more in the nature of being the reason behind my going public in the first place. I didn’t go public to look pretty, or teach people. Well, I do those two very well, but the main reason to go public was to deliver the message of empowerment to the lightworkers of Earth.


Mmmhmm I am pointing at you right now.

So, in May 2022 I got together with the team and told them about it. After much discussion and processing of energies (what this would mean workwise, support wise, attention wise, etc., etc..) We came up with a plan. We would start with 2 million newsletter subscribers, which translates into two million allies in high-frequency reality creation on Earth..

Now, that’s not 2.5 Billion people. So, why stop at 2 million?

Because it’s a matter of steps.  Baby steps. We decided to reach 2 million, then think about the next stage, and with two million people as our allies, we can get to 2.5 billion in no time at all.

Where did these numbers come from?

Well, the 2.5 billion number is the amount of people on Earth who have actively chosen to embody and create the High-Frequency Paradigm on Earth.

By default they are independent, intelligent, humane, and have big hearts and whether consciously or subconsciously, they are empowered and act out of their own free will.

This is us! We don’t agree with being someone’s victim, and are not afraid to be connected with and be allied with 2.5 billion other lightworkers.

Imagine what that looks like! When we want to work on a project, for example, or even want to buy a nice house or car. We have billions of allies to enable us to do it, support us, give us advice even, or simply nod and smile (adding their consent to a beautiful co-creation).

If the team and I commit to starting with reaching, connecting and becoming allies with 2 million people through a newsletter list (a newsletter list is the minimum connection we could think of, it’s free for the recipient and there is no time commitment for them except reading it), then others, you, can commit to and reach another few million with your lists, and so on we go. Or, if you have an interesting project, we can put it in our newsletter and everyone can look at it, 0bserve it, support it, and assist you in making it a reality. 

Would some exploit our newsletter list? Some might try, but we are awakened individuals, with a lot of street-smarts under our belts. No victim/aggressor engagement could get through us. Right? I am certain we are ready to hold this energy on Earth. The energy of high-frequency co-creation with no low-frequency engagements or traps. All my tools are designed and geared to make us strong.

Eventually, we will be a network that is made up of and reaches the 2.5 billion allies we need to align ourselves with, in order to solidify our new reality on Earth.

Are you in?

Excellent! Send this email to everyone you know, or print out stickers that send light beings to Here is a package with pictures, ideas and printouts you can use to get people to become an ally. 

We can do this, a baby step at a time.

How will the list be managed?

We will have a team of volunteers from WalkWithMeNow who will manage the projects and requests from any ally using the Sociocracy model of governance. These are very street-smart people who are actively using the tools and are extremely diligent in turning every stone and looking at all possibilities before a project or request gets sent out to the list, including any items I might want to manifest or get help with.

Inelia Benz

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