Your Enlightenment

Enlightenment has been coming up a lot for me recently. The word “enlightenment” itself, as well as people talking about it, and people pursuing a path or being on their journey of enlightenment themselves. Or seeking one. All those, coming into my focus fast and furious.

This is very interesting to me because, as you may or may not know, my first website, and the first course I released were all about Ascension. In fact, it was called

In this article I want to clarify and bring focus to what it means to me to be Enlightened, Ascended, Empowered and Sovereign.

These are understood as different things sometimes, and sometimes they are not. However, to me they are all part of the same thing. They are part of expanding our awareness enough to understand the Universe, how things work in this and other Universes, expand our awareness enough to see, identify and not be slaves to inner and outer programming, and be able to make conscious choices throughout our days. It means that our awareness is expanded enough so that we grow up as people and don’t behave like children, expecting solutions from a larger thing such as an organization, a government, a god or gods, or other people. 

Enlightenment to me does not mean extricating yourself from the physical Universe, reincarnation, or daily life. On the contrary, it is about understanding the physical Universe and daily life, and having the awareness, capacity, consciousness, and power to have the type of experience we choose from moment to moment rather than just “leaves in the wind”, thrown wherever the collective experience sends us.

For the next few weeks, I am going to take turns talking a lot about Enlightenment, Ascension, Empowerment and Sovereignty. To me, they all lead to the same location and in many ways, to me, they mean the same thing looked at from different perspectives. 

They are, to me, all “Enlightenment”. But the word “Enlightenment” comes with thousands of years of “religions” and “spiritual practices” that can put a person “off” because they have had negative experiences around “religions”.

In the spirit of bringing back a broad understanding of, and highlighting paths to Enlightenment, I will be writing essays about these subjects on my Woo For Thought blog, and will also be looking at them from the perspective of The We. I am also putting together a website specifically dedicated to Enlightenment because one of my biggest sources of inspiration and passions in life is to see people, you, reach Enlightenment, or at least get into a path that works for you and that will eventually get you there.

To get you ready and have a good foundation for the discussions that are coming in the Essays, and podcasts that will accompany them, make sure you have studied the Enlightenment in Modern Society Class.


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