Your Evolution is important to me

I spend every single day of my life creating tools and content for you to use in your self-work and evolution. Why do I do that?


There are other dynamics, apart from me creating power objects, sigils, novels, courses, classes, groups, podcasts, videos exercises, meditation, sounds, events, workshops and websites, that are necessary for these things to do their job and support you in your life.

Just me creating them won’t work for your or our planetary future. 

Another thing that is necessary, very necessary, is for you to know these tools exist. We also need to have a location for you to get them from, such as a website and social media outlets that you can reach. Of course, the most important dynamic for these tools to work is that you use them. If you don’t use them, they are useless. Literally.

It is now time for you to take ownership of some of these dynamics. Here is what you can do to become a key co-creator in this mission:

  1. Know they exist.

Do you remember where you first heard of my work? The work of Inelia Benz? Well, I need you to remember that and then share that with others. My work is actively shadow banned on the internet. Why? Because my tools are accessible, powerful, effective and enlightening.

  1. Have a location to get them from.

We have several websites and platforms on the internet. Know that all these locations are not free to host. It is easy to have the work and money necessary for creation of these locations, and the content within, become invisible in a consumer society. But all these locations, work and money invested in them are useless unless people see that they are there in the first place. Make sure that you share links to the information on these websites and social media. If you share with others, and they share with their friends, soon the tools and information will reach the 2.5 billion light-beings who chose to step back into our natural reality – the light-paradigm.

  1. Use them.

Like I said before, my tools are useless unless YOU USE THEM. Having someone else “do them for you” creates codependency and disempowerment. Plus there isn’t anyone presently qualified to do this. You will know when there are qualified people as they will be trained and certified by the iBenzAcademy. At the moment, you need to use the tools yourself for yourself. Do it.

Why are these three points so important? Because without them my work cannot reach you or others. And my work is solely for the purpose of OUR PEOPLE’S EVOLUTION. Your EVOLUTION.

If a person doesn’t know these tools and content exist, doesn’t know where to get them from or doesn’t actively use them, the tools may as well not exist. 

I will continue creating them. It is up to you to use them and let others know they exist and where to get them.

So, spread the knowledge, share the links and use the exercises! Let’s get the ball rolling on this world transformation we came here to do. Let’s superpower our evolutionary journey.

Inelia Benz

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Social Media is trying to shadowban us, but thanks to your help we are reaching everyone who needs it. Please share it on all the platforms you are on and continue to get this information out there.

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