YOUR Intention for the New Paradigm – Video ready for you to share :D

Dear Visitor,

First of all, HAPPY SHIFT! 😀

A few days ago, I put out a call to co-create a video with you. The question you were to answer was, “what are you manifesting the New Paradigm to BE?”

Here it is!!  This is YOUR co-creation:

This video has been one of the most joyful projects I have ever been involved in. It has brought tears to my eyes, and meeting you via your photos and words has been really, really amazing and inspiring.


Share it, blog it, email it, and enjoy it.

There really are no other words I can say, the video speaks for itself.

A big thank you to Daniela for sorting and compiling all the photos, and to Norman for creating a piece of music specifically for the video.  Norman has also offered the music track for sale at the site eStore, and is donating half the proceeds to the ascension101 Team. The download will be available at the site in a few hours 🙂

Lots of love and brilliant light

Inelia Benz

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