Your life mission and your job

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This is Ilie, the web administrator at I’ve asked Inelia to allow me to write this introduction because I’m very excited about the latest recording:

Life Mission and how it relates to your “9 to 5” job.

One of my burning questions used to be just about this: what is my life mission? what is my purpose here?

It seemed to me that so many people had a clear sense of it, they were driven by and they got enormous amounts of energy from their life mission. So I was desperately looking for mine. 🙂

When I’ve met Inelia, almost 6 years ago, that was my very first question: can you help my find out what my life mission is?

Her answer was interesting and I am not going to spoil it for you. I will say though that I had a great sense of importance attached to my purpose. It had to be important and big!

However, while preparing this recording and carefully listening to it, I had another interesting realisation that I’d like to share. And it has to do with the phrase/program: I can’t!

Perhaps you will find this pattern familiar. You find a book or a class that seems to be exactly what you need. You read the materials, attend the course and then… what? You may feel like you’re back to square one. This book didn’t do it for you, so you move to the next.

When I saw this in me, I realized I was looking for a “magic button”. I was looking for a piece of text or a piece of recording that will take care of all my worries and then I’ll get to be happy. It finally dawned on me that I was not taking responsibility for not following through and actually doing the exercise I was reading about. Reading them was not enough, although it allows you to take baby steps and the seed is planted in your mind.

So why did I not follow through? It has to do with this program: “I can’t!” And that can show up in various ways: I don’t have time, this is too slow, this will never work for me, my friends will laugh at me, this or that prevents me from doing it… And the end result was that I stopped practising and using the tools. That lead to the confirmation of the self-fulfilling prophecy that it will not work :).

The good news is that once you find this program in yourself you can dissolve it, by looking at it. Inelia wrote about this: The Firewall

You can get the full MP3 in the store: Life Mission and your job.

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