I am SO DONE with all this BS…

Yup, this article’s title is designed to bring you here if you have been getting angry or/and have come to the end of your rope with regard the chosen games our human collective has been experiencing in your lifetime.

You might have arrived here wondering why I am super angry all of a sudden. Or maybe you have been getting calls from clients and friends who are totally done with BS, have been ranting about it publicly or privately and want some understanding on what to do about it.

That we reached “the end of the rope” is a very accurate way to describe it actually. If you are personally feeling these feelings and thoughts, you are not alone or a bad person for having this experience.

You are not alone in this.

From 2015 the energy of anger and lack of patience has entered our lives in super strong short waves. Thoughts of “I am so done with this” and “I am so angry” combined with an knowing that more allowances or putting up with people, drama, situations and choices that are low frequency and a waste of our valuable time here on this beautiful planet is simply no longer an option. Each wave is stronger than the last.

It appears to have gotten stronger every year and last only a couple of days at a time. Also, it is very specific with regard to what we are experiencing here and a big pull away from feeding, engaging or tolerating those low frequency experiences in ourselves and others, rather than being pulled into engagement with them.

These feelings are negative only if you go into battle and engage others in anger and destruction. If you, instead, choose to use this as a clear indication that there is a line in the sand that clearly shows what is acceptable and what is not (for us and others), then all you have to do is tell yourself and others that you are done, that you will not participate or feed those co-created negative experiences and expressions anymore, and then breathe deeply and look around at what you DO want to put your energy into instead.

There are several levels in which we can embody the new paradigm. Even sleeping people can do it, and many of them have chosen to (albeit subconsciously).

  • There is the physical level of having loving, nurturing and empowered experiences.
  • There is the soul level of manifestation and empowerment into the expression of higher and higher frequencies and possibilities of reality.
  • There is the collective level of finding and co-creating with those who choose to embody the new paradigm.
  • There are the strong boundaries that this wave in anger and lack of patience is dictating us to take… no more indulging or allowing of low frequency experiences in our lives.
  • There is the choice to have and feed ourselves with high frequency experiences and interactions from what we put in our bodies as food to what we put in our lives as emotions, experiences or information.

These are a few of the things that will help you through this amazing stage in our collective evolution and collective choices.

Breathe deeply and know you are not alone in taking this stand, drawing that line on the sand, or choosing to end the low frequency stuff. Time to step into the embodiment of the new paradigm with millions of others around the world. Say yes to strong boundaries for ourselves and others and for feeding (energetically and experientially) only high frequency people and experiences.

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