Intimate Communication and Ascension

Sociologists say that we all have intimate conversations on a daily, or regular basis, with an average of four people in our lives. These include emails, phone calls, text messages and IMs as well as face to face interaction. Who you communicate with is a co-creator of your reality and a big influence on your ascension process.

That’s not very many people. It doesn’t seem to matter how many contacts a person has on their cellphone, on networking sites, or address book, the number stays very stable.  Four people.

Like four pillars that hold up a building, or four legs on a chair, these four relationships are of great importance to your well being, your ascension process and your life in general.

So think of the four people that you communicate most with in your life.  These are the people who are collaborating with you in the creation of your reality and also helping you in your ascension path. What types of conversations do you have with them? Are they heart based or ego based? Fear based? Anger based?

It is not many people and how we interact with them is of utmost importance. Why? Simple. Life on Earth is about communication. It is about joy and expansion. Life here is the school and ascension is graduation.

Make those four relationships into positive ones.  If one of them is negative, change your perception of it, or get rid of it and replace it for a more positive one.

Base those four relationships on a heart based connection.  Communicate always from your heart.

Looking to upgrade your relationships? Look no further!

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