Let’s help fix Inelia’s boat home!

In my life, I haven’t really “asked for support” for a personal project. The support I request is usually for a collective need, such as the Global Ascension Center, or Ascension101. But for personal support, there was never an opportunity for me to actively ask for support. When I heard how much money it will cost to repair some key areas of our boat’s hull (which is our home), the first thing I thought of was, “I’ll ask for support from my audience, start a crowdfunder or something like that”. Which was soon after blocked by… “how does one do that?” And then I hit a program which said, “asking for help for your personal life is wrong”.

When I looked at that program I was really surprised it was there because the individuals who follow my work, and hang out with me, are extremely supportive all the time, and would be really happy to be part of an inflow of energy and well being into my personal life. Yet, every time I look, that program kicks in. It feels artificial and external, but there must be something in my own field where it latches on, or it wouldn’t affect me.

So, I asked a bunch of friends at Walk With Me Now to look at this particular program with me. And the energy started freeing instantly.  Before I knew it, I was ready to ask!

How come I live on a boat?

If you have been following my updates recently, you will have heard the latest news of my moving to Washington State, here is sections of what I wrote before:

I had been asked by Source, Gaia, the Human Collective, to stay, live and work in California for many years. But at the start of 2014, it asked me to leave. In fact it was very insistent that I leave! But by now I had been in California for nearly 10 years and had a life there.  Two of my children live there, my ex-husband and close friend lives there.  And I had nowhere else to live. So, I procrastinated moving out. The result was that I got extremely sick for months. There were a couple of close calls, when I nearly didn’t make it.

But I stayed!

In September 2014, I had the opportunity to spend some hours with my friend Larry.  A man who lived all the way up on the very tip of Washington State, so we didn’t get to hang out very often.  We’d originally met in 2011, at one of my public events. He was then very active in most events, volunteering, helping out and even organizing some too. We also became collaborators on a couple of projects, and would often hang out with friends. He was like a brother to me. Or one of the girls. Completely invisible as a man, or possible partner. In fact, the thought was so ridiculous, when someone finally verbalized it to me after a mutual friend’s birthday party (they thought we were secret lovers), I thought it was hilarious and also impossible.

Normally, when he left California, he would also leave my attention. When he was gone, he was really gone. And he wouldn’t pop up in my attention field until he sent me a text or Facebook message. But this time, this time not only was his visit different (I noticed two things: one that he was a man, and the other that he was extremely handsome), but after he left, he sent a continuous flow of text messages, which meant he did not disappear from my consciousness.

The second day after he left, I looked at all the messages on my phone, and realized that our discourse was not over. That our conversation needed to be had and concluded…

Long story short, some serious fires engulfed the areas around Sacramento, where I lived. My asthma kicked in, and I was not able to procrastinate my exit from California any longer.  I packed my car, my dog, and drove North West toward the coast.  He suggested I travel to where he lives, as the air is clean, cooler and the sea is all around.

It’s now February 2015, and we moved in together… onto a liveaboard boat.  Another amazing surprise is that living on a boat on the sea was one of my most cherished dreams. A dream I had actually given up on. When we tried to rent a house, any house, we found really crazy blocks coming up. We realized we were not looking for the right thing. Then his mother said to me, “why not a houseboat?” And I thought… whoa, that is one of my life long dreams.  So I asked him if he wanted to live on a boat. And guess what! That was his lifelong dream too… figures.


We found an amazing boat – a beautiful wooden trawler-yacht from 1961 designed by William Garden. The price was really low, so we didn’t have to get into debt to buy it due to the extensive repairs it needed.  Some planks in the hull have dry rot, as do some ribs, and the “house” needs a bunch of caretaking done too.
When we posted our predicament in Walk With Me Now, someone immediately volunteered to help us with the house repairs. So that brings our total bill down many thousands of dollars (thank you Hopi!!)

This campaign is to repair the hull, which can only be done by shipwrights (expensive) and it will make our new home sound and safe to be in the water.

If you want to help us, here is the link to our fundraiser: http://www.gofundme.com/ineliasboat

Thank you for your support!!

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