Quieting the running commentary of the mind

Our culture is very much thought and mind oriented. This creates in us an overactive running commentary of what is going on around us and inside of us.  We are continuously thinking.  And we are almost afraid to stop, because if we do, we may lose our minds.

Sometimes the commentary is so intense that we need drugs or alcohol to quieten it down. Television to soothe it. Books to occupy it. Emotions and drama to feed it.

And if we let it take over, we don’t have a chance at ascension.  That’s why throughout this page I always encourage you to meditate, quieten the mind, for even a few minutes every day.  This is very, very important. It will keep you sane and on track.  Check the audio download section for useful MP3s that will help you, they start with five minutes exercises, something we can all do.

Another thing that we can do that uses the mind’s insatiable hunger for stimulation to our advantage is to focus it on a piece of art, a painting, picture, or photograph, that expands our awareness.  It isn’t about the picture, or the holiness of the subject. It is about bringing our running commentary somewhere productive.  The picture could even be one of a ball of light. Or a flower. Or anything that creates a wow feeling for you. I use pictures I make myself with a person standing and a big star of light behind them. Some have light coming/going from their body to the heavens too.  You can make one yourself with a few crayons, or just a pencil… it doesn’t have to be a work of art, it is symbolism we are concerned with here.

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