Sacred Space and Ascension

Nearly every religion, culture, and spiritual or occult practice in the world will teach it’s followers that he or she needs a sacred physical space in order to facilitate spiritual growth.  This is old technology. Old in that it has been around for as long as we humans have.  So, what does it mean to have a sacred space? Well, when religions became established it meant a special building where practitioners would go to worship. I’m not going to get into the politics of how this became part of the power game between leaders and followers of a religion because, honestly, it is irrelevant. The space is still sacred.  Before that, it meant a special place on the territory that had a higher vibration, one more in tune to Source/Oneness/God/Goddess/Universal Love.  At the same time, we created personal sacred spaces with altars at home, special groves in our gardens, by kneeling beside the bed, or by having a special mat where we carry our our prayers or meditation.

It is still one of the most effective tools at our reach. Our personal sacred space can be a special mat, an altar, a chair in the house where we do our meditation.  A corner where we keep what is precious to us.

There are things we can do to make this even more effective.  It is part of the “cause and effect” law, as well as the concept of “intention”.  Firstly we need to empty the area, or choose an area in our home, that will be our sacred space. The spot we will go when we are going to mediate and tap into Oneness.  If you live in one room, this could be a shelf or a small table if possible, it could be a corner of the room where you can put a chair, cushion or a mat.  You need a wall and enough space for you to sit comfortably. Of course if your personal circumstances allow, it’s best to have an entire room dedicated to your sacred space.  Whether you do this indoors or outdoors is up to your personal affinities, your local weather and personal circumstances.

When you are clearing the space, and when you are putting your objects in there, you must have the intention that this is your will to reach a state of Oneness in this lifetime, and as soon as possible. Like, NOW.

Then choose an object, or objects that represent Oneness to you.  In mine I have the picture above, it’s something I scribbled quickly to represent Ascension into Oneness and helps me in keeping my mental conversation silent and helps in meditation. If you want to use it you can right-click on it, press “view image”, it will open in another window, then you can print it.  You can also draw one yourself, it doesn’t have to be a work of art, as you can see! A stick-man picture with the right symbolism for you will do. Other things that also help are incense, candles, water (bowls or fountains), bells, plants and crystals.  Make sure you thoroughly clean anything before you put in in your sacred space.

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