The 5th Dimension and its Role in the 2012 Shift

It has come to my attention that the 5th Dimension is taking a huge part in this Global 2012 Ascension process.  After further investigation, it appears that they, the beings and energy from the 5th Dimension, are coming into the 3rd dimension in great numbers and volume at this moment in time.  The reason is very simple.

The 5th Dimension is the most stable, perfect and balanced of the dual dimensions.  By bringing beings into the 3rd, they create a base of balance and stability that will help bring the 3rd Dimensional Earth back to its natural alignment.  When this natural alignment locks in, the “chains” that have kept beings trapped in separateness and conflict will dissolve.

The reason that it was felt to be necessary for them to come in, in their natural form and in huge numbers, is because there are beings, both on our dimension and others, that do not want the Earth to go back to its natural alignment.  These beings are creating an artificial duality of conflict and misalignment, creating “otherness” and entrapment.

5th Dimensional beings have taken incarnation in human bodies for decades now, but in small numbers.  This presence is no longer enough.

How can you benefit from this?  Well, they are here, waiting and ready to serve.  All you need to do is to call upon them to assist you in your personal alignment and ascension.

How can you help their entry into our dimension? Ask them to enter your environment and welcome them.

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